Sunday, February 1, 2015

Be My Valentine

Pin It The funny thing about tweens is that they still are very much kids.  But they are starting to develop some more grown up tastes and definitely don't want to look like 'babies'.  And that can make theme outfits a bit tricky.  Like Valentine's Day outfits.  When kids are little, they are much more into having cutsie Valentine's shirts made for them.  But as a tween, they want the shirt, but don't want it to be too over the top or obvious.

So, I have collected a bunch of tutorials that either are a more grown-up version of a valentine's Day shirt or could easily be adapted to be so.

And, I just have to say that I am amazed at the creativity out there.  These ladies have taken simple projects and made some very cool embellishments.

Fabric paints can be a great way to add embellishment to a RTW or hand made shirt.  I love this tutorial for it's detail and simplicity.  I think it also could be adapted for nearly any holiday or mood.

The Pleated Poppy
Fabric applique is another way to embellish a shirt with all sorts of shapes and textures.  Of course, for Valentine's, we usually rely on a heart shape, but really you have other options too.  And you can try some reverse applique for a slightly different look.  Here are some ideas:

Uber Chic for Cheap
Make it Love it
Another way to add images is to use some sort of iron on material.  Some of you lucky ladies have Sillouetes or cricut machines that can cut out all sorts of images.  But if you are like me and don't, there are other pre-cut products out there or you can go back to the stand-by of fabric paint and freezer stencils.  Here are some fabulous ideas that I think a tween and quite possibly a tween boy could like.

Just Another Day in Paradise
Just Another Day in Paradise
And these next too I really like for their originality and texture.

Uber Chic for Cheap

And what did I make for my tween?  Well, I actually did not use any of these tutorials, though I still may  in the future.  She had some flannel catch her eye at the fabric store so I made a button down shirt for her to wear on Valentine's Day and any other day she feels like it.

Lumberjack Shirt

It has hearts and definitely will feel like a theme shirt in February, but for the rest of the winter, it will just be a fun and cute shirt.  I think that really is the key: it needs to be fun enough to wear any day and not just February 14th.

The shirt is the Lumberjack Shirt by Patterns for Pirates and we will be reviewing it later in the month.  So stay tuned...

So, do you sew holiday themed shirts for your tween???


  1. I have thought about making something, but haven't gotten to the actual making part yet. ;) I am not sure my son would wear anything with a heart on it, but i might run some of those boy ideas past him. I've got red vinyl for my Silhouette, so I can do something!

  2. Love that you do fashions fir tweens. Can't find them anywhere else. Keep it going. Tweens love clothes


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