Monday, September 23, 2013

Mad for Plaid Preppy Skirt

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Here's a little quiz...go ahead and take a guess as to why I have a thing for plaid.
1. I played field hockey all through junior high and high school and loved wearing my plaid skirt for games.
2. I have a secret vice in that I love the show "Gossip Girls", mostly because I think they did a great job with their costuming.
3. I've always wanted to go to a boarding/private school because of the uniform...and I thought it would be cool to live away from Switzerland.
4. All the above are true.
5. None of the above are true and plaid is just borrow a phrase from my tween years.

Here is my little creation for plaid week over at Project Run and Play. My reason for creating this was that I think there are a couple of pieces that any tween would love that don't require a pattern. A basic skirt with a side zipper (a little more grown up than elastic waistband) is one of them. I've made this skirt using the basic principles outlined below a bunch of times (here, here and here...just to name a few)

With a basic A-line you can create a number of different skirts. By stopping the A-line look at the hips you can add pleats or gather a panel to the bottom for a different look (if you do this you'll want to line the A-line part by cutting out 4 pieces). You can add a waistband, make it more full or a little more stream lined, not to mention the different looks you can get by making it different lengths.

Here's a quick rundown of how to figure out an A line skirt. Get a low waist line measurement (especially if  you are adding a waistband) and a hip measurement and then I add an inch or more to each to account for seam allowance and so it's not a hip hugger. Take a waist to hip measurement. Now you are set to "draw" your pattern out on your fabric. Make sure you take your fabric and fold it in half twice (you need the front and back piece). Take your waist + 2 inches (blue line) and hip + 2 inches (red line) measurements and 1/2 them. Now take the number you now have for your waist and measure then mark it on the top of your fabric (blue line).  Take your waist to hip measurement (green line) and mark it down from your waist measurement. From the fold take your hip measurement number and mark it at the bottom of your waist to hip line (this becomes the red line).
With me so far?
Now just figure out how long you want your skirt(purple line) and mark that, measuring from your waist. Then all I do is gradually extend the line from the end of your waist measurement line out--the straighter it is the more stream lined it will be while the more of an angle the more flared it will be.
Once I get it cut out, I finish the right side, add the waist band if desired, add the zipper and finish the left side. After that I fold down the waistband and finish it off.
For the waistband, I simply take the waist measurement and add 3 inches (you have to have room to put the zipper in) and cut out a 4 inch band to that length, line it with facing and add it to the top of the skirt. Then I'm ready for the zipper.

Here is the complete look...hopefully I'll be able to get a couple of pictures with Sophia wearing it...Monday's can be rather busy.***Yeah, we got a couple in before dance.***

The cardigan is made from 2 thrifted sweaters.  I used the Study Hall Jacket pattern to cut the sleeves, front and back.  I just used the waistbands from the sweaters as the cuffs and waistband of the cardigan. I still need to get Sophia's opinion as to buttons or snaps or nothing at all. I like the preppy kind of look. She's excited for the skirt because she can wear it in so many different ways.

So there you have it, an easy skirt that can be a great addition to any wardrobe.


  1. Such a classic skirt and the sweater is great for fall. Impressive!

    1. Thank you very if it will only get cooler here so she can actually wear the sweater:)

  2. Way to nail the tween scene again as usual I bet she loves that you are amping it up for her age range.
    Great job Momma! with love,

  3. Thanks! We try to do modest but not dorky around here and keeping my fingers crossed that she always likes it.

  4. that is adorable!! I love the color and cut!! I went with the classic plaid pjs :o) Emily

  5. You're so talented, Sally!! The skirt is just perfect - what's wonderful is thatt your tween approves :)!

    1. I know, isn't that a great skirt? I think she just nailed it for a perfect pattern for her daughter and am already imagining different ways I could make it for mine. ~Major Moma

  6. So cute! You did such a great job on it. I just love pleated skirts!

  7. TOTALLY love this outfit...and for the quiz I chose answer#3...but that would be my personal answer.

    1. Actually, the answer is all of the above...all of them are true:) Thanks for stopping by!


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