Monday, September 16, 2013

Study Hall Jacket Review

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This week on Project Run and Play, the theme is candy.  mmmm.... such a fun and tasty theme.

As I tossed around ideas in my head in the days after the announcement of the themes I happened to be at the Alaska State Fair and I decided to make something inspired by cotton candy.  However, as I started planning a fluffy fleece jacket, I was not sure if the theme was going to work.  It was trending a bit boring.

The gals at PR&P said a lot of their motivation for the theme candy was Halloween.  So what if I pushed it one day later?  All Saints day or ... Dia de Muertos.  Yes, that was just what I needed to push a little more edge into my design.

Thus, this outfit is cotton candy meets the sugar skull.

Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket
The central part of this outfit was the jacket.  I used the study hall jacket by Go to Patterns.  The pants are from a burda pattern (Girl's Dyed Pants 02/2013 #149) which I will review in the next week or so.  And then of course, to get the mood right, I accessorized.  I crocheted sugar skulls for a hair piece and necklace using a pattern I found on Ravelry.

 The Review: 

Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket
The toddler is also wearing a study hall jacket and can be seen HERE.

The pattern: Study Hall Jacket
Pattern source: Go To Patterns

Sizes available: 12 months to 10 years; yes this pattern is barely a 'tween' pattern. However, as you can see, it does run a bit big (my daughter wears a ten and I sewed a ten.)  It is a pattern with simple shapes, so I expect that it would not be hard to size up.

Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket

Special materials required: You will need a separating zipper for this jacket. The pockets have an option of zippers instead of traditional welts.  If you use that option, you will need some coordinating zippers.   And, it calls for a full lining, so the fabric requirements are extensive.

Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket

Skill level required: Go to Patterns labels this jacket as intermediate to advanced. I do not think it is a difficult pattern though. The instructions are very clear and there really is not anything difficult. That said, the way the ribbing is installed on the waist is a bit tricky. Just take is slow step by step and you will be fine.  There is also a welt pocket.  Please, do not let that intimidate you.  The instructions are clear and it is not as hard as they look.  In summary, it is not a beginner pattern but you do not need advanced skills.

Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket

How I came to choose the pattern: I bought the pattern as part of the fall 2013 Pattern Anthology collection and I was anxious to get a chance to use it. I do love it and think it is a versatile and classic casual jacket.
Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket

Did you deviate from the pattern? If yes, how? I did deviate from the pattern. It calls for a full lining and I only lined the hood. I decided that since I was using fleece, I did not want a lining. Fleece is so soft and cuddly, I did not want another fabric taking away from that feeling. However, to reduce static cling and to give a finished look, I did still line the hood. This is where some of my sugar skulls came in. I used a light weight knit with a skull print on the hood. This helped balance the bright pink fleece. I also added a small embroidered skull to the front of the jacket.

Go to Pattern: Study Hall Jacket

Overall pattern rating: This is definitely a bolt pattern. It is so versatile and the instructions are so clear, you really can't go wrong with it. It also is completely boy friendly. The only draw back is the sizing.


  1. Cozy, cozy, cozy!! Thanks for linking up....

    1. Thanks. It is not much of a flip, but it is fun to show off a great pattern.

  2. this turned out really cute! I love that you are able to sew for your tween daughter! I linked up a Milky Way inspired outfit for my son... SO much fun! Emily@nap-timecreations

  3. Love that you made it out of fleece! Love this pattern!

  4. I love your take on the theme!!! You are so creative.....awesome job for tweens...we can't wait to see more!

  5. This is a very cool jacket. I love that it looks comfy, but still stylish!


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