Monday, December 2, 2013

Pajama Round up

Pin It In the pattern world, there is not a shortage of pajamas.  In fact, one of my greatest frustrations with the big American pattern makers is that a great percentage of their patterns are PJs or lounge wear.  That being said, it is rather traditional to make the family pajamas for the holidays and they are so practical.  Below I tried to pick out patterns that are more than a standard PJ pant and t-shirt.  Each of these have a little something special about them.

sweet dreams

Sally here to add my 2 cents about pajamas.  Around here we are pretty casual and I don't really see the point of paying a ton of money for pjs when so many things work so well. My kids usually get a pair at Christmas time (hand-made for my girls still, but my boys are so big now that the yardage to make flannel pj pants cost more than a good deal at a retail store). Other than that they use t-shirts that don't make the 'wear-in-public' cut. 
As you can see there are plenty of options if you are a go-by-the-pattern kind of person...especially if you want the top or the nightgowns. But for pants, drafting your own really isn't that hard.  I was going to do a nice little post with pictures and everything  you need on how to draft some, but realized I would really be reinventing the wheel. There are a TON out there, a lot of them very similar, but some add some unique things as well.  Here are just a couple that I found:
Seriously, just type in "draft your own pajama bottoms" and there are a ton of tutorials out there. Now you don't have to worry if you decide last minute to make pjs for your kids for Christmas and you don't have a pattern.

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