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We know that when you spend money on a pattern you want it to be clear and accurate, but it is so hard to tell from the envelope if the pattern is right for you.  We aim to help make your pattern purchasing decisions easier by giving reviews of a wide variety of patterns.  In our reviews, we will always cover:  Name of the pattern, the source, sizes available, special materials required, and skill level required.

And we have our own special rating system.  For the worst of patterns, we will give ONE and
for the best of patterns, we will give FIVE 

We of course invite you to browse around the blog and check out our reviews.  But, if you are looking for something in particular, here are pattern reviews by category with a link to the review and the rating.

Figgy's Celestial Pullover--(5 Bolts) And look #2 (Also rated it 5 Bolts)
Burda Style Girl's Longsleeve T--(3 Bolts)
Oliver & S Nature Walk Pullover--(4 Bolts)
McCalls #6548 View B--(4 Bolts)
Day Tripper--(4 Bolts)
T-Shirt Ottobre 3/2010--(5 Bolts)
McCalls M6548--(4 Bolts)
Ethan Shirt -- (5 Bolts)
McCalls # 6548 view B -- (4 Bolts)
Blaverry's Ansley Top -- (4 Bolts)
Peek-a-Boo's Boardwalk Henley--(5 Bolts)
Lumberjack Shirt by Patterns for Pirates--(4 Bolts)
Extraordinary Girl Knit Shirt by Files a Maman--(4 Bolts)
Lotus Blossom by Love Notions--(5 Bolts)
Posh Popover by Love Notions--(5 Bolts)
Wrigley Raglan by Love Notions--(5 Bolts)
Carousel Knit Top by Go To Patterns--(5 Bolts)
Omni Pullover by Sofilantjes Patterns--(5 Bolts)

Olive & S Knit pants--(3 1/2 Bolts)
Budra Style #149--(5 Bolts)
Burda Style #155--(3 Bolts)
Burda Kids #9500--(3 1/2 Bolts)
Cargo Shorts Ottobre 3/2010--(4 Bolts)
McCalls M4762--(2 Bolts)
McCalls M6689 view E--(3 Bolts)
Peek-a-Boo Yoga Pants--(4 Bolts...only because there is a gap in the sizing from child's to women's)
Skinny Jeans--(4 Bolts)
Blaverry Koko Skinny-- (5 bolts)

Happy Camper Jacket--(4 Bolts)
Simplicity 3813 View A--(5 Bolts)
Study Hall Jacket--(4 Bolts)
BurdaStyle Slouchy Cardigan--(4 Bolts)
Oliver & S Nature Walk Pullover--(4 Bolts)
Heidi & Finn Coco Jacket--(5 Bolts)
Spring Showers Jacket
BurdaStyle Blouson Jacket -- (4 Bolts)
Ready to Go Denim Jacket--(5 Bolts)
High Five Hoodie--(5 Bolts)
Moto Jacket by Jenniuine Design--(4 Bolts)
Decklyn by Blaverry--(5 Bolts)
Burda 9482 Hoodie--(5 Bolts)
Moto Jacket by Jennuine Design--(4 Bolts)
Drop Pocket Cardigan--(3.5 bolts)

McCall's 6689 View C--(4 Bolts)
Popover Sundress by Oliver & S--(4 Bolts)
Simplicity 1787--(3 1/2 Bolts)
Create Kids Couture Ashli's Pleated School Dress
     Review 1--(4 Bolts)
     Review 2--(4 Bolts)
Go to Pattern's Anywhere Dress--(4 Bolts)

Calla Lily Skirt/Skort--(5 Bolts)
Rose Skirt--(4 Bolts)
Magnolia Skirt 
Simplicity 1548--(4 Bolts)

Burda Kids 9483--(5 Bolts)
McCall's 6785--(5 Bolts)
McCall's 6787--(5 Bolts)
Hibernis--(5 bolts)

Jean and Jamey Jammies--(5 Bolts)
GYTC PJs -- (5 Bolts)
Sleepy Bear PJs--(3 Bolts)

E&E Fedora--(3 Bolts)

Accessories and Other Things
Vest Simplicity 4762--(4 Bolts)
Infinity Scarf--(5 Bolts)
Peek-A-Boo's Hat and Mittens--(4 Bolts)
Vest B-line 6362--(3 Bolts)
Burdastyle Overnight Bag #142--(4 Bolts)
Great Outdoors Vest by Peek-A-B00--(4 Bolts)

Review of Tutorials
Cardi Wrap--(3 Bolts)
Infinity Scarf--(5 Bolts)

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1 comment:

  1. I love this blog! You've given me some great and successful ideas for my preteen granddaughters, including the dress I helped my granddaughter make for her granduation.
    Now I have a real find for you! I just tested a new pattern called Etage for Terri Olson at Sew Straight patterns. The testing went through several versions and Terri kept at it until it was perfect! There are two versions, a top or a dress and it runs from 12 months through 12 years. There aren't many patterns that work for both, but I feel this one does, and perhaps more successfully on the older girls. My original testing was for my 4 year old, who loves it, but when Terri asked for more testers for the older girls, I made a size 9 and an 11 for my neighbours and they love them.
    The pattern is asymmetrical, so assembling the printed version takes a while, but Terri has developed a great colour-coded guide that makes the actual sewing a breeze.
    I don't blog, so can't send you anywhere to look at photos, but if you check with Terri I'm sure she can share some with you.


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