Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guest Celebratory Post--Sabra from Sew a Straight Line

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Today, to help us celebrate, we have Sabra from Sew A Straight Line, sharing her favorite pattern. She always has something awesome she's sewn up for her boys. I love her style. 
My favorite pattern for tweens is the Paperback Writer pants from Ottobre 6/2010.  The size range doesn't go too far into the Tween Zone, ranging 92cm-140cm, which I estimate to be about 2T-10 in US ready-to-wear sizes.  But it does go larger than many patterns. 
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 And pants are so easy to lengthen, that I can still get use of the largest size option for my 11 year old by lengthening the legs.  Because it does have such a wide size range, it's also easy to trace out a custom size.  My eight year old has super long legs, but has the waist of a 12 month old (I'm serious).  I love patterns with lots of sizes, so I can get the exact fit by combining the sizes that my kids need where they need them. 
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 And I just love Ottobre patterns, in general, for all things tween.  Many of their patterns go up to 170 cm, which I think would be around a size 14.  The fit is always awesome, the finishing professional, and the style so good.  I love that these pants don’t look homemade, but they also aren't basic jeans you’d buy at the department store.  They're just cool!  It’s because of patterns like the Paperback Writers, that I totally enjoy sewing for my older son.  I love going into a pattern knowing that I’m going to end up with something we’re both happy with, and I get that with the Paperback Writer pants.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Celebratory Guest Post--Falafel and the Bee

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Next up we have Michelle from Falafel and the Bee stopping in to help us celebrate.
When my now teen was a tween, my go to pattern for her was the Seafarer Top by Sew Much Ado.
It is such a flexible pattern, and knits are always good for the ever-changing body of a tween. There is room to expand and grow in whatever direction they need to, without it looking like a tent. Comfortable while stylish.
This dress was made using that same patten (with some obvious changes)!
Happy Anniversary Sew Cool for the Tween Scene!
Thanks for including me in your celebration.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Celebratory Guest Post---The Land of KA

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We just hit our one year mark here at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene and to celebrate we asked some of our favorite bloggers, that sew for tweens, to tell us about their favorite pattern for tweens.  First up, Stacy from The Land of KA.
I am happy to be here today for the one year anniversary for Sew Cool For the Tween Scene. I was overjoyed when these ladies started this blog, since it is rare to see sewing bloggers sew for their older children.
I tend to make a lot of my own patterns for my tween, but one pattern that I used this summer was The Breeze Top by Peaches and Peanuts. It is so fun in that you can use woven or knit and mix and match patterns to get a unique style. My daughter loves this top, and so do her friends, which in the big picture is what you want when sewing for a little person that has their own opinion.
Here is the top, where I actually doubled up the bottom with a stretch lace and white knit.
This is another version of the top, where I simply extended the front piece, and made a quick facing.
I find that adding embellishments are pretty important, too. She loves the shirt with the kitties on it, which is iron-on vinyl.
Happy sewing!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Year Celebration

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Can you believe it?!  Sew Cool for the Tween Scene has been around for one year!  And what a fun one it has been. To celebrate over the next 2 weeks, we have some guest posters coming your way to share their all time favorite tween pattern. It's always fun to get some good opinions on a pattern that is loved.
As for us here at Sew Cool, we've enjoyed this year of searching out and trying new tween patterns. If anything it has made us more aware of what is out there and hopefully it's put a little bug in designer's ears that there is a demand for this age group. Lately it seems like patterns in the tween sizes have been crawling out of the wood work, there are so many of them.  We're liking this trend!

It's also been fun to see what you have been making with the Linky Parties each month! Please continue to share...we've found some good patterns and great ideas from those.
Another fun bonus has been the exploring of tween fashion...the trends, the colors the crazy's made us think about what we are sewing as well as the opinions of our tweens.  We'll be doing more with this as well...mostly because Kelli is still not able to get any sewing done. Doing things like this gives her a chance to blog too:)

What has made this year the best though, is the sense of community we've found with fellow bloggers/sewists that are trying to navigate the crazy tween years and for that we just want to say THANK YOU!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Choosing Colors

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Earlier in my post on how I plan my sewing, I told you all that I usually pick a handful of colors to use throughout my sewing. I usually pick at least one main color, a couple secondary colors and a couple neutrals that coordinate well. And then I use those colors as a guide when I go to buy my fabric. I try to purchase at least one print that has all or most of those colors in it so that everything can mix and match together.

Often, I go off the Pantone colors. Way back when, Pantone got to the place where they basically announce what the “it” colors are for each season. Even if you do not follow the trends strictly, this can be helpful because the odds are; the stores are following these trends and will have collections that have those colors in abundance.

Another option to determine what colors you want to go with is to simply Google “fashion color boards” and find things like:

art design fashion

Mood fabric has “mood” boards from which you can draw inspiration.

Or, if there is a fabric collection that a store offers, you can simply use the coordinated fabrics. JoAnn has one called Doodles that has several varieties of knit, woven, and pant weight fabrics.

Online fabric stores like also have “design walls” that you can post your fabric choices to ensure they all coordinate.

How do you pick your colors?