Friday, February 14, 2014

Pattern Review: Ashli's Pleated School Dress by Create Kids Couture

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First up, a reminder to post your tween creations...anything you've made for your tween to wear lately, we would love to see!
We already showed you one version of the Ashli Dress and I'm here to show you another version.
Pattern Source: Create Kids Couture  and it is the Ashli Pleated School Dress
It comes as a down loadable pdf file and was quite easy to assemble (my least favorite part of pdf patterns).
Size: 7/8--15/16
Materials: Knit (for the top and if desired, bottom) or light weight woven for the bottom.  I used knit for all 3 colors. You could get by with 2 contrasting fabrics, but oh the possibilities...we were even thinking of rainbow colors for the pleats (there's 6 so it's perfect).
Skill Level: Advanced have to sew with knits, but that is the only tricky part.
Can I just say how excited I was to have my stripes line up!!!!!
Good: My daughter loves how comfortable it was and had fun picking out the fabrics for it as well as thinking up possibilities for future styling. I thought it was a very straight forward pattern that didn't require a lot of thought or figuring out and it came together nicely.
Bad: While my daughter fit in every way to the size 10 that I made, she really didn't like how low the drop waist is. When (not if, she does want more of these) I make this again she's requested that either the middle band be made wider and the shirt part shorter or the skirt longer and the shirt shorter.

I give this out of 5 bolts as well. A great pattern with so many styling possibilities.


  1. That looks great on her, and love the fabric choices. I am jealous your girl will still wear dresses. Mine appears to be done with that right now.

  2. That looks super comfy.....and love seeing how she played a part in the design aspect!! Looking forward to seeing more - with your minor revisions!!


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