Monday, May 5, 2014

Pattern Review: Day Tripper

Pin It  I was looking through different pattern sites for some summer clothes for Abi.  I specifically was thinking shorts and capris, but I really was not being picky and was just brousing to see what my options were.  At Go To Patterns and Co you can sort the patterns by size so I selected size 12yr.  Admittedly, there are not a ton of patterns for pre-teens, but there are a growing number and they are worth checking out.  But as I was looking, I saw that the Day Tripper top by Shwin Designs was listed.  I had just bought this pattern for myself and had not considered it for my daughter.  But it does come in sizes woman's XXS to XL so I figured it was worth a shot.

The pattern is a .pdf and can be bought at Go To Patterns and Co, Shwin Designs, or Pattern Anthology.

Pattern Review

Special materials required:  The top is a dolmen sleeve shirt that can be made with knit or woven fabric.  You will need rib knit for the bands on the sleeves, neck, and hem.

Pattern Review

Skill level required:  The Day Tripper Top is super easy!  If you have not used rib knit before, this is a great top to do so for the first time.  The openings are wide thus making it easy to handle the ribbing and stretching it to size.

Good:  The pattern has those sleeves that are so on trend right now and it comes with pockets which are always a hit, even if my daughter is weird with them.  The pattern is designed for short or long sleeves and has an optional epaulet for the shoulders that I chose to skip.

Pattern Review

Bad: I am not sure if this pattern really works for a size 12 girl.  As you can see, it hangs a bit big on her and a few times it fell off of her shoulder.  But this is not all bad news.  My girl is quite slim and an average or plus size girl would likely have much more luck.  Also, the relaxed fit looks quite comfy and could accommodate a developing figure.

Pattern Review

Overall pattern rating:  I am definitely going to sew one of these tops up for  me in the future.  It is a pretty version of a t-shirt and seems like a good wardrobe staple. It sewed up fast but did not look plain and I think that is a wonderful trait in a pattern.  
I give it (4) bolts.

Pattern Review

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