Thursday, June 26, 2014

Breeze Top Blog Tour

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You know you have a great pattern when your daughter's friend asks you for the same thing. I had the honor to test Shannon, of Little Kids Grow, new pattern the Breeze Top/Tunic. When Sophia's best friend (they've known each other since they were 9 months old!!) saw it she asked if she could have one too. It is a great, summery top with lots of character and is simple to sew up, so it's easy to see why she would want one. It's also got lots of style with a razorback yoke and high/low hem, just what these 2 style loving tweens thought were cool.
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Like I said I think that means it is a good pattern that a tween is asking for it.  I gave her the measurements for the fabric and she picked out her own.  Her's are both knit from JoAnn's and I love what she picked is "so" her.
For Sophia's I wanted to try a knit on top and woven on the bottom.  And it worked out great as well...although Sophia says she prefers the all knit one the best because of the way it hangs. I've made 6 of these now, 1 all woven, 2 all knit, 1 knit/woven and 2 knit and terry cloth. You can see the 2 I tested on the 'cover' of the pattern and you can check out the terry cloth ones over at Daisy Chain Creations tomorrow.
Once the shirts were made, we got the 2 together for a little photo shoot. Sophia is wearing her's with layers, which is another great thing about this should layer well with things like turtle necks too making it wearable all year long.
Both girls both wanted the non-banded look because they like the "flowiness" of it, but it does come with the option to put a band, perhaps contrasting, around the bottom.
These 2 were so silly...but you can see the shirts well. I think I made her friends a little too large, but didn't have the luxury of trying it on as I sewed. I sized up to a 12 for her because she was on the edge of the 2 sizes and has been growing like a weed lately. I figured she'd grow into it if it was too large.
And just so you know that it is a comfy, easy to play in are some action shots:)

So you should really go and check out some more versions and then go buy it yourself! Shannon is offering a discount right now as well of 25% off. Just type in "BREEZETOUR"
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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own, but I was given the pattern to test and try out as part of the tour.


  1. Very cute:) can't wait to see them all!

  2. Love! Love! Love! those action shots, LOL! Thank you for sharing your lovely creations again for the blog tour, Sally. You are awesome!

  3. they look great on the girls! Good job on the different variations.

  4. so fun to be able to customize clothing for kids to make it "them"; that really is the great thing about sewing!!! very fun friends photo shoot!!


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