Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Any one for Finnish clothing? Intro to Ottobre magazine

Pin It There is a Finish (from Finland) sewing pattern magazine that has the most amazing and professional looking clothing. It is called Ottobre Design.  The magazine does come in an english language version and it contains patterns from infant to tween sizes.  The tween patterns are very stylish and have a very European vibe; which is not surprising since it is a European pattern magazine.

Some of our favorite bloggers that sew for tweens use Ottobre patterns.  Such as Sabrina from Sew a Straight Line.  She recently reviewed an OTTOBRE moto jacket pattern for us HERE.

The Autumn 2014 issue has some great looking patterns for tweens.

Ottobre Design
Something to be aware of when buying an Ottobre magazine is that instructions are minimal.  I would say the patterns are for a beginner who is familiar with sewing vocabulary and is ready to push herself to the next level.  Intermediate and higher sewers will find the professional techniques to be quite efficient.

from the Supermodels and Hipsters line of the 3/2014 issue

Especially if you are sewing for a tween boy, this is a magazine for you!  There are wonderfully cool boy clothes and it is fun to see how they are styled in the magazine.

3/2014 Issue
4/2014 Issue
I have a couple issues from 2007 and I still use them.  The patterns come in a large sheet with each outfit drawn out in a separate color.  This can be intimidating because you have to first find you pieces in the jumble of line drawings and then you must trace each one out.  I find that a cheap sewable interfacing works perfect because it stays still as I trace and I can easily see through it.

NOTE:  There is no seam allowances on these patterns!  You just add the allowance you want to the pattern.  I usually go with a 1/4 inch.

Also, the interfacing is durable and with these great patterns, you will use them many times.

Have you ever sewn an Ottobre pattern?  What did you think?


  1. I love Ottobre styles & patterns, the only reason I dont use them more is the overlaps on the pattern sheet put me off. As the girls grow older I imagine I'll use them more & more though.

  2. I've used them when my daughter was younger and agree that the instructions are minimal at best. If "install zipper" is all you need to know, then you're good to go. I've always thought they had excellent boy options too and older styles for both. I should revisit my stash now that my daughter isn't a toddler anymore.

  3. I have the women's magazines for this year and just figured out that if I use freezer paper to trace the patterns it's much easier (than the butcher paper I was using). That said I've loved the things I've sewed from it for myself. I have two patterns traced and ready to cut out. I'm hoping to get a kids subscription from my mom this year for Christmas. I sent her the link :)... yes I love this magazine and think it is a great deal for all the patterns and inspiration you get that are so on trend!!!

  4. Ottobres are great! I messaged you about them about a year ago. Glad to see you are sharing about them. They have patterns for all size ranges and they are not hard to sew. The directions are a bit minimal and the pattern map can look daunting, so they are not for beginners. I have been sewing Otto for about 5 years and enjoy them very much.


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