Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pattern Review: Skater Dress and a modification

Pin It We are excited to share this next post by Esther.  She sews for her niece who has a hard time finding clothes that fit right.  She has a stocky build and of course deserves to have clothes that make her feel as beautiful as she is.

If you sew for a stocky or plus size tween, then you definitely want to read on!


Hi I’m Esther and I am a self taught sewer for a number of years I started out with quilts and once I had my little monster I started to sew for him and his little monster friends over on instagram @frankieandfang

sewing pattern review

Name of the pattern:
Jocole women's peplum top with skater skirt add on.

Pattern Source:  You can buy both the peplum top and the skater skirt add-on at the Jocole web store as pdf patterns.

sewing pattern review
Sizes available:
 This is not actually a tween or a child pattern.  It comes in sizes xs –xxl in women's but I was able to make adjustments to fit my tween.

Special materials required:
Stretch fabric. Cotton/lycra is best to use for a comfortable fit for active tweens.

sewing pattern review

Skill level required:

How you came to choose the pattern:
I first used this pattern for myself and loved the fit. My sister and I were talking on day and she was telling me how hard it was to find age appropriate dresses to fit my niece who is on the husky side, she asked if I could make her something. When I took my nieces measurements I realized that we were about the same size so all my patterns would fit her with a bit of play with the sizing to fit her frame.

sewing pattern review

Did you deviate from the pattern?  If yes, how?

I cut out the size small in the skirt and the top and graded the top from a small at the waist to a xs under the arms so it was a more straight up and down cut. I cut out the xs in the sleeves.  I took an inch off the bodice to account for her shorter frame.

sewing pattern review


This pattern is very easy to grade for those that are trying to get the perfect fit for their girls. From start to finish including cutting it took me less than an hour to make. Because this pattern calls for knit fabric there is no allowance for a chest which I think makes this pattern perfect for tweens both with a small and developed chest.


Thank you Esther!  This looks like a great option to provide comfortable and fashionable dresses for our plus size tweens.

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