Monday, October 12, 2015

Would They Wear That---Car Wash Pleats?

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So as I was perusing the internet looking at Fall fashion trends, I came across this one...Car Wash Pleats. While I'm not exactly sure how they are made, I have some ideas to how you could do it...the question is would I want to and would your tween really want to wear them?
Here's a collection of some of the looks:
Carwash pleats made their case early in New York for being the skirt shape of the season and then by the time Paris rolled around and Raf Simons showed them on the Christian Dior runway, their fate was certain. The new way to show off those gams next season will be through these pleats.
wearable trends carwash skirt square
So the question is...Would they Wear That? Let us know what your tween thinks and if there is enough interest, we'll have a tutorial on how to get the look...unless you just want to slash a skirt to get it:)


  1. No, my two tweens would not wear them.

  2. I think they look fun but when I asked my tween, she gave an emphatic NO. Oh well....


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