Friday, November 6, 2015

Pattern Review: SLPCO Saige Dress

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Name of the pattern: Saige Dress

Sizes available: 2T - 12

Special materials required: Knit (about 1-2 yds depending on the version you make), elastic or cording

Skill level required: Experienced beginner

How you came to choose the pattern: I am a pattern tester for this company.

Did you deviate from the pattern?  Small deviation.  On the “bib” portion, I lined the black one since I used Perfection Fused Leather and it would have been hard to turn it under.  On the brown leather, I just left the edge raw.

This dress fit her great.  It didn’t have any ruffles and gathers, and was a great tween item.  She got tons of compliments on her SuperGirl dress.  I went with her measurements and graded between sizes (in this case I did 8W, 12L).  The pattern instructions were fairly straight forward, and this is a pretty easy pattern to make.

I made both versions with some leather additions (since I have a stockpile!), and it helped to make them look more mature.  The bib section was great for adding iron-on vinyl embellishments, which she requested.  The drawstring is cute, and I added some beads to the ends to give them some interest, and also to make sure they wouldn’t slip through the holes for the drawstring.

I don’t really have anything bad on this one.  It was a fairly easy sew.

Nada.  It is cute and she loves it. 

Overall pattern rating:

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