Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pattern Review: Simplicity 1251

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Simplicity patterns were on sale at my local big box fabric store and I had my tween with me so as I perused the fabric aisles, I told her she could go through the Simplicity pattern book and pick out any that interested her.  Simplicity 1251 was one of the ones she chose.

Name of the pattern:  It has the creative name of  "Misses' Knit Dress, Tunic and Top".  It is a cute, elfish looking hoodie that comes in various lengths.  This is a women's pattern but it comes in very small sizes.  I made a size 6 going off the waist measurement of my daughter (23 inches).
pattern review

Pattern Source:  Simplicity patterns can be found at almost any fabric store or on their website.

Sizes available:  As I said, it is a women's pattern and it comes in sizes 4 thru 20 though the paper pattern divides the smallest sizes in one envelope and the larger sizes in another.

Embroidery Library fairy

Special materials required:  The dress calls for stretch knits only.  I used a fleece with a light stretch to it.  The fleece was on a steep discount, so that worked out great.  The pattern comes with templates for applique; if you choose to do the applique, you will need scrap fabric of your choosing.  Instead of the applique, we chose to use machine embroidery.  With the pixie shaped hood, I thought that would be very cute.

This is a simple pull-over garment, so no zippers, buttons, or other closures are needed.

embroidery library fairy
The pattern called for a 'lettuce edge' which was completely explained in the supplemental instructions.

Skill level required:  I found the pattern to be very easy.  There were good diagrams and the construction was quite basic.  The hood had a neat shape and was assembled a little different than your standard hood but it was still super easy.

pattern review

Good:  This was an easy and fun pattern that gave a more grown-up look to a fairy tale inspired outfit.

Bad: Nothing.  The pattern was well written and the end product very cute.

Overall pattern rating:  I give this pattern our highest score, 5 bolts.  I don't do this often for the big pattern companies but I think their women's patterns are better than the children patterns.  I think this particular look is great for an older tween.



  1. Wow, love it! I normally don't do paper patterns, but I might have to look out for that one! Thank you :)

    1. Thank you. It completely is not my style but Abi loved it and it was a good deal.


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