Monday, September 26, 2016

Pemberley Pullover Pattern Review

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Looking for a good Autumn Staple? Well you should check out the latest pattern by Peek-A-Boo Patterns. The adult version is called the Pemberley Pullover and the girl version is called the Piccadilly Pullover. I had the chance to test the XXS of the adult version and this fit my size 12/14 wearing 13 year old.
Between the 2 patterns you run the gambit of sizes, with the girl version stopping at size 12 and the adult xxs seems to be about a 14.
As for the pullover itself, it has 2 neck finishes, just a band and a cowl seen here.  The crossover at the band in the front is a nice added touch, which was not at all hard to do.
The nice thing about the pattern is that with different types of fabric you could have a casual, sporty or dressier look. The main body requires anything with 25% stretch and the bands and neck finish works better with something with a little more stretch.  I used a stretchy sweater like fabric that behaved similar to sweatshirt fleece for the body and just some knit that matched.
Sophia really liked the tunic length so she could wear it with her leggings.
This would be a great pattern for someone fairly new to knits, but ready to move on from pajamas and t-shirts. The instructions were easy to follow and the pattern came together easily.
So if you are looking for a new Fall pattern to sew, go check The Pemberley/Piccadilly out! It's a good one to add to the collection!
This one gets a 5 Bolts
for the easy sew and the trendiness of the pattern that will be a welcome addition to the Fall/Winter sewing repertoire.

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