Monday, July 28, 2014

Harem Pants--Would They Wear Them?

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We thought we build on the jumper post and do a little on going series/post idea calling it "Would they wear that?" all in the idea of getting a discussion going about tween fashion. Also thinking that a discussion like that would help the pattern designers out there know that maybe just sizing up a pattern isn't the answer...tweens just might have different ideas when it comes to fashion. So not only will we be tackling the trends but some of the common things out there.  

So go ask your tween..."Would they wear harem pants?"
Source--Bonus Points for this one because they are a jumpsuit too!
I think it would date me if I said I can't think of these as anything but MC Hammer pants...but that's besides the point.  These pants seem to be quite the trend, even returning to the Fall/Winter lines of some of the bigger designers.  What do your tweens think?  Are they digging the look or passing?
Jersey Harem Trousers with Printed Front
While I don't think I can get over the saggy diaper look I kind of think the pink paisley with the bow are really cute and they look comfy too.
These seem to be the extreme to me...but to a tween they might seem a little different and totally on trend.
Down in Australia they seem to be a little less extreme in the sagginess...these are what they are calling harem pants Down Under.


  1. My daughter would wear anything I made her, but I wouldn't make Harem pants.... I have to say I really, really hate them. The remind me of heavy winter tights, that have been outgrown and the crotch is sagged down. They look like dirty diaper pants... (sorry, did I say I hate them?) The last picture to me isn't harem pants, people around when I live are calling them "track pants" and I actually don't mind them, it's the sagged crotch that drives me batty.

  2. my daughter would not wear these! granted she's home schooled so she's a little less concerned with fashion, but it's definitely a no for her! :)

  3. My daughter will not. However there is a cute sweatpants type pant at Justice with a very slightly dropped crotch, and those she liked. They are similar to your last image.


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