Monday, May 25, 2015

Designer Interview: Blaverry Patterns

Pin It Today we have a fun post for you.  In the past, we have interviewed designers of sewing patterns in order to get the inside scoop into their brand and creative process.  Here we get to interview Christie from Blaverry patterns.  Sally and I stumbled upon her brand on Etsy about a year ago and were excited about her style.  Now, Christie has a brand new website and just released a GREAT collection.  Her styles are streamlined and on trend but not overly trendy.


How would you describe the BLAVERRY brand? 
I developed BLAVERRY to have a clean and simple aesthetic that is very recognizable... something that parents and children of all ages will enjoy shopping and be inspired from.

 What makes BLAVERRY unique?
There are so many aspects that make BLAVERRY unique from other pdf pattern designers but here are a few differences to name a few:
The brand name itself is completely unique combining my 3 kids names into one.
My designs are very focused on everyday style that is comfortable and teen inspired.
BLAVERRY buyers get a shopping experience like no other starting with the easy to navigate web site, professional images, fun "behind the scenes" video and soon to come video tutorials. PLUS, with BLAVERRY you always get the BEST customer service available.

How long have you been designing patterns?
My history is long when it comes to sewing and designing but I will go back to when I decided to take my Kustom Kids Boutique designs to ebook over 6 years ago. I was one of the first designers to take my designs to ebook and after 1 year I sold the business. (now called Juvi Moon) A year ago I decided to make a come back but with a very different goal in mind.

What made you decide to be a pattern designer? 
My decision to get back into pattern designing came from a love of children's fashion, a desire to dress them in well made/fitted, unique clothes at an affordable price. 

What was your inspiration for the current collection?
Comfort with classic lines and unique detail elements are the main vibe with my current collection.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of putting together a collection and not just individual pattern releases?
Ahh, yes, it is very challenging to pull off complete collections verses individual patterns. The challenge of the time crunch is the hardest part. I am dealing with so many different patterns at different stages at one time, so organization is paramount. The guilt I feel over sending so many patterns in a short period of time to my INCREDIBLE testers is hard on me. (THANK YOU to my awesome team!) And sewing each pattern for all of the models in a short period is fun too, lol. But I LOVE every step of the process so it's a great reward to me.

So many designers shy away from the larger children’s sizes; what motivated you to size up to 16yr?
The older sizes is where my true passion is. My daughter and I really obsess over super stylish clothing so the teen styles are just right for me.

What's to come?
I have a lot of great and exciting things that are lined up for BLAVERRY.
I will be posting "Instructional Videos" in the coming days.
I will be expanding my patterns to Boys this summer.
Then adult patterns and more will follow.
I look forward to growing my facebook group so that we can come together to do fun events like "sew a-longs"

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  1. I can't wait for Womens patterns...I'm so excited! I love Blaverry patterns, they are so professional.


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