Friday, May 8, 2015

Pattern Review: BurdaKids 9482

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We are happy to welcome back Eliza of Eliza Threads for a pattern review.  She was so happy with the way this pattern sewed up she contacted us to share it.  Of course we completely understand an urge to share a great pattern!


I’m a self taught sewer and have been sewing since I was a girl. Mostly for me but now I have girls of my own I love to sew for them too!! I think this website specifically for tweens is a great idea – it’s a tricky age. My girls are 9 and 12 and now they are tweenagers  they don’t like the cutesy kids stuff much anymore so its great to see what others are sewing for their tweens too!

pattern review by Eliza Threads

Name of the pattern:  Burdakids 9482

Pattern Source: Burda patterns sold at local Clegs  (*Your local fabric store likely carries Burda paper patterns.)

pattern review by Eliza Threads

Sizes available: Sizes run from 4-14 and I made the 14 for my now 13 year old and it was perfect. She’s taller than me now and these hoodies fit me so a 14 kids is equivalent to an Australian size 8-10 in grown-ups size!

Special materials required: I didn't use any but if you put the cord tie in you need a toggle or beads for the ends. I made two versions of this, one in a beautiful wool merino fleecy and a linen knit. Both lovely fabrics and well loved by my daughter but the linen knit stretched to the max and I had to take it in and up at the sleeves. The pictures show the hoodie before I altered it.

pattern review by Eliza Threads

Skill level required: Beginner to Intermediate. There are no special techniques involved, mostly straight stitching and the instructions are good.   

How you came to choose the pattern: I went looking at a local fabric shop called Clegs in the Burda pattern book for a hoodie pattern. I liked this pattern because it looked nice and roomy.

Did you deviate from the pattern?  Only in that I didn't put the button holes in to have a pull cord around the hood, it didn't need it.

pattern review by Eliza Threads

Good: I think this is a really great style – perfect for a boy or a girl.

Bad: Nope no bad

Ugly: Not ugly at all!!

Overall pattern rating: 5 bolts  

More details on my blog:   Eliza Threads

Thank you Eliza for sharing this pattern and everyone, if you want to learn more about this top or other things Eliza has sewn, pop on over to her blog.

Do you have a pattern you want to share a review on?  Then, by all means, contact us and we would love to broadcast a review!


  1. Love, Love, Love the hoodie! It looks great and is something I see a lot of tweens and teens wearing around here.

  2. A perfect "tween wear"!! While we don't like to think about hitting the tween years with our nieces, it'll be here before we know it....thanks for the recommendation.


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