Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Fashion Looks/Trends

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It's always fun to look at the fashion trends out there not only in the retail world, but in the higher end fashion as well. It's fun for tweens, at least my fashion savvy tween, to see if she's on trend or not...not that she really thinks that much personally, but she has fun with it.

What is most fun though, is to see that trends from when I was a tween/teen are coming back again.

First up we have this fun ensemble from Tween In Style.
Leggings are still in.
So are graphic tees/tees with a message.
Drape-y cardigans seem to be something new.
Scarves are luckily still in as well.
"FALL in love!" by tweeninstyle on Polyvore
One big surprise of a Fall trend was PLAID...sure took me back a couple of decades. I had plaid coats, plaid button up shirts and plaid wool skirts as a teen.
I've seen it in stores like Target and Old Navy as well as in several Fall lines from higher end stores.
Here's a plaid suit (and tie) from the Bonpoint Teen line.
Here's another gathering of different plaid outfits.  I like the combination of plaid and screams Autumn.
Plaid is having a moment on the runways, particularly red plaid. Designers are partial to a tartan print and it's not hard to see why: The red adds an interesting dose of color to an otherwise very classic fabric. And since we all are guilty of overdoing black in the winter and black was already very dominant on the runway, it is also nice to see some red to brighten up the mood.
Here's the same coat from Bonpoint but in the children's line...blazers and jeans are one fashion trend that I'm glad to see come back. It was one of my favorite trends.
Another trend that I've seen in both children's and women's lines are capes.  What a fun way to keep warm and you could dress it up or down; keep it light or heavy depending on the weather.
So next week we'll have a round up of patterns to get some of these looks. The question is...what are some of the trends from your youth that you would love to see come back around to be seen on your kids?

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