Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Moto Jacket Pattern Tour

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Are you looking for something on trend and a little fun to sew for Fall?  Well look no further, because the Moto Jacket by Jennuine Designs is that fun addition to any wardrobe!
This was a fun pattern that I got to test and then I got asked to be part of the pattern tour as well.  I've made this pattern 3 times now (other versions HERE and HERE) and each time I'm impressed with how well this pattern is written and how easy they are to follow (My initial review, which I still stand by is HERE).

As for this version, I titled it Moto meets Black and White Elegance.
Sophia decided on the color scheme...not what I had in mind when I signed up for the blog tour, but that what's you get when you sew for tweens. My vision is not her vision and this is her.
I have to say though, I really like how this one turned out and how classy it looks.  The chunky gold zipper was the perfect touch.
Once again, I used home decor fabric for the body, knit ribbing for the sleeves/collar/welts and this time I used actual lining fabric for the lining (all from JoAnn's...I really need to find more fabric shops here in St. Louis).  She wanted to keep it simple. I tried to talk her into adding more gold or a pop of color, but she was adamant. And you know when you sew for tweens, you have to go with what they want or they won't wear it.
As for this version, it looks great with leggings, jeans and even a nice twirly black skirt.  It's a pretty versatile jacket. Great for layering or wearing as a heavy layer on cooler days.
The jacket itself is fully lined, with great instructions on how to finish the sleeves with a binding. This is where I added a tiny pop of color...teal with gold dots. She was okay with that.
There are a ton of different ways you could personalize this jacket...hidden pocket in the lining, fun pop of color for the lining, the pocket pouches a fun print...there's just so much you could do (especially if you didn't have an opinionated tween:)
If I could ever get my hands on some leather, I would love to use it for this pattern...especially now that I really know how to put it together.
I think she prefers to leave it unzipped a little, but with that gold zipper, I think it looks pretty trendy zipped all the way up.
And here she is trying for her best Audrey Hepburn look... 
So while I love how this one turned out, and so does she, I think this is still my favorite one
(made for my other daughter and you can see more pictures of it on my personal blog)
So go check out the Moto Jacket pattern and add it to your Fall "To Sew" list.
Jenn is also having a great give-a-way, a sale in her shop (just use the code "Moto Tour") and then there are all of the other stops on the pattern tour!
So much FUN!



  1. I 100% agree with you that they have to like it or it just isn't worth it. I love the subdued damask print - it changes the whole vibe of the jacket into a more cool and quiet look; definitely Audrey! Thanks again for testing with me and for pushing to get the instructions on those welts correct - I just wasn't getting it!

  2. Those look amazing - I LOVE that black and white one! It's pretty, but has an edge from the style. Awesome!

  3. Both jackets look great! Even though your vision wasn't her vision, I'd say she still have a great sense of style and she seems comfortable in the jacket you made. The black and white is very classy without being "old".


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