Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Linky Party Wrap Up

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It's that time of the month that we get to pick a couple from the linky party to highlight. Thank you all for linking up! It's always fun to see what others are making!
Here are the highlights for this month:
We only had one boys look, but what a great staple! It looks so comfortable and it's great that you 'customize' it a little. Thanks Cindy for linking up!
KCW: Day 2

And I (Sally) picked another comfy looking shirt for my girl's highlight. Again, just a comfy looking staple but so easy to make your daughter's own custom-made top. Thanks Tracy for sharing!

 I (Major Moma) picked the swimsuit from Wombat Hole Sewing.  I am always looking for cute and functional swimsuits for my daughter and this one certainly fit both criteria.

Thanks everyone for sharing these great projects.  With cute outfits like these being made, our tweens will be glad that their mom still sews for them.


  1. Awe thanks ladies for featuring my Sidney's Hi/Low!! She does love it :)

  2. Thanks for featuring P's shirt!:)

  3. Cheers. Happy to find your blog. Can't wait to see and share more. Amanda


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