Monday, November 11, 2013

Pattern Review: BurdaStyle Girl's Longsleeve Tee

Pin It Last Friday, I shared a review about the free draft-it-yourself slouchy cardigan by BurdaStyle.  And guess what?  That is not the only free diy pattern on the BurdaStyle web site.  Today I will review the long sleeve t-shirt that is offered.

The pattern is simply named Girl's Long Sleeve Tee and is listed on the BurdaStyle web site.  You download the instructions and then draw out the pattern to the size you desire.  It comes in European sizes 134-158.

burdastyle girl's long sleeve tee review

There are no special materials required.  It is just your basic t-shirt and thus any knit will work.  Also, because of it's basic nature, it is a perfect beginner pattern.  The actual drawing out the pattern on paper is pretty simple and even the most novice sewer should not have a problem.

I choose the pattern because I wanted just a simple tee for my daughter.  I don't mind buying patterns and think it is important to support designers.  But for a simple tee that has no unique design elements, I hesitate in actually paying for a pattern.  And this is just that, a simple tee.  And it is FREE.   Which basically makes it perfect for me.

burdastyle girl's long sleeve tee review
I did deviate from the pattern just a tiny bit.  I made the back a little longer with a rounded hem.  This gave a little bit of the hi/lo effect that is so trendy right now.  

The Good:  It is a wonderful blank slate for whipping out wardrobe staples or to use as a base for fun embellishments.

burdastyle girl's long sleeve tee review
she is a little crazy
Bad: The neck seemed a little wide to me.  it is something between a jewel neckline and a boat neckline.  My daughter is happy with it, but I may close it up just a tiny bit in the future.

Overall, I would rate this  pattern with .  I only went with three bolts because it is such a simple pattern.  It does not have anything really detracting from it but you will be the one supplying all the creative design or interest.

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