Friday, November 8, 2013

Pattern Review: Burda Slouchy Sweater

Pin It On this post, I am reviewing a BurdaStyle pattern called the slouchy cardigan.  The pattern is a draft-it-yourself pattern and is free.  It was a new way of getting a pattern for me.  What you do is download the instructions and there is a diagram that explains how to draft out the pieces yourself.  Then, you simply follow the construction instructions.  So, there is more work on your part, but you save some money.

oversized tween sweater pattern review

Sizes available:  The pattern comes in European sizes 134-158 which is a wonderfully wide range of tween sizes.  My size ten girl wears a 140.

oversized tween sweater pattern review
Special materials required:  The fabric required is a knit but there are no buttons or other notions required.

Skill level required:  This pattern is super easy.  Yes, you have to draft the pattern but the instructions are clear and the construction is definitely beginner level.

oversized tween sweater pattern review

How I came to choose the pattern:  I chose the pattern basically because it was free.  I really cannot resist free.  And from the picture on the BurdaStyle web site I was not sure if I would even like it.  But the shape is very nice and my daughter tells me it is very comfortable.

oversized tween sweater pattern review

Pattern deviation:  I did not deviate at all from the pattern but I did add some embroidery (from to the back for interest.

Good:  It is free!  I said that all ready, didn't I. It is a wonderful layering piece and the instructions, though unusual are clear.

Bad:  I did not know how to draft at first and thus this pattern required me to learn something new and get out of my comfort zone.  This is not really a bad thing though.  It just was a tiny bit intimidating. 

oversized tween sweater pattern review
I thought it looked great belted too.

Overall pattern rating:  The shape of this pattern is not only comfortable, it is quite trendy.  I think that is an excellent combination for a tween girl.  And, the pattern was a fairly easy sew.  
All that considered, I give it (4) bolts out of five. 

oversized tween sweater pattern review
She is so silly.

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  1. I'll have to check this one out, K loves clothing like this.;) Thanks for posting about it!


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