Friday, January 17, 2014

Infinity Scarf Tutorial Review

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If you want a quick and easy accent piece to add to your wardrobe, you should try your hand at an infinity scarf. Seriously, this was so easy!
I found this tutorial over at the Simplicity site (they have a bunch of free things, but not many garments or sewing related ones). 
The tutorial was easy to follow and everything came together really quickly (thanks to a serger). The knit was from JoAnn's, but Sophia has already requested some more (and I want some more too), so we have plans to use some old T-shirts as well.
What you need: The pattern says 3/4 of a yard of fabric, but I used 12 inch for Sophia's and 1/2 a yard for mine and am pleased with how they turned out.
Skill Level: Very beginner--just 2 seams and a little hand sewing to finish it.
I give this one 5 lightening bolts because of how easy it is and how much I like scarves.

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