Monday, January 20, 2014

Pattern Review: Figgy's Celestial Pullover

Pin It A couple months ago, I bought a bunch of grey sweatshirt fabric.  I originally was going to make zip-up hoodies for the kids, but that project sort of got tossed to the side.  But, my oldest daughter said she wanted a sweatsuit, so this would be perfect use of that fabric.

But why would I want to make a baggy, shapeless outfit that I could go spend $5 on?

So I took some creative liberties in making her a sweatsuit using two very cute patterns.

The top is Figgy's Celestial pullover and the bottoms are a modified version of Burdastyle's Leather Trousers for girls (155).  As I was making these, I kept on remembering the image of Flashdance ... though this outfit looks nothing really like an off-the shoulder sweatshirt, I think it has a definite 80's vibe.   So, I am dubbing this my movie look for Project Run and Play ... though I will admit, it is a stretch.  And, the movie is not exactly one I would have Abi watch.

And on to the review:

Name of the pattern:  Celestial Pullover
Pattern Source: Figgy's;  Figgy's is an online pattern shop with very hip patterns for kids ... and just recently tweens!  Really, if you are looking for something more fashion forward, this is the place to go.

Sizes available:  The Celestial Pullover comes in child (18 mo - 9yr) and tween (xxs-xl) sizes.  And actually, I wear a 4/6 in women's and I was able to make an xl for me.  I made Abi's an xs and she is a slim size 12.  Unfortunately, I am away for work for a couple months so I will have to mail her the outfit.  When I get pictures of it on her, I will update the post.

Special materials required:  The pattern calls for a knit. Because of the looseness of the fit, my sweatshirt material (with very little stretch) worked for the body.  But the neckline definitely needs a fabric that will stretch over your head.  But there are no other closures or special tools needed.  I added some trim to the shoulders, but that was just me having some fun.

Skill level required:  Oh, this is a super easy and quick pattern.  There are three main pieces + a pocket if you want.  The sleeves are built into the front and back pieces and it has a high/lo hem that is so popular right now.  I did not hem the sleeves or bottom because of the look I wanted, but it does come with hem allowances built into the pattern.

How you came to choose the pattern:  Figgy's gave us this pattern when they launched their tween line so we could check it out.  So, we do have to admit, we got it for free.  But, in all honesty, I love it.  The shape is very cool and the instructions were clear.    .... I made one for myself, so that says something.

Good:  The pattern is wonderfully written and has a great size range.
Bad:  Some of my lines did not match exactly on the printed PDF, but that could be the funky hotel printer I used and the deviation was so slight as to really not matter.

Overall pattern rating:  
I give this pattern a top rating (5 of 5). 


  1. Love this! - Great idea! - Lauren

  2. really like that detail on the shoulder.
    nice work!

  3. The outfit definitely has an 80's vibe! I didn't know that Figgy's had expanded their sizes....that's awesome!

  4. that is a fun 80's flash back!!! Cute! I also linked up this week... a {movie} star dress! ;o) Emily@nap-timecreations

  5. Fun! Love seeing things sewn for tweens!!! (And I like reading the pattern reviews!)

  6. Love the leather with pins on the shoulders!!!


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