Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Easter Dress with a Review

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It's 'Design Your Own Fabric' Week over at Project Run and Play, so I thought I'd play along and make Sophia an Easter dress to boot. As for how I designed the fabric, I tried two new things--ombre dying and detailing by sewing down embroidery thread.
The pattern is Simplicity 3510, but it's apparently out of print. 
And it only went up to a size 8...but it is a really easy pattern to alter up a size or two.
Even so it's a great pattern. Easy to follow instructions and lots of options. If you ever have a chance to get your hands on this pattern, it would be one worth having.
Here's my finished look and you kind of see the ombre a little better. It didn't turn out quite as I envisioned, but I do like it. But what I like the best is the thread detail on the bodice.
As for the pattern, it is an easy sew, with no buttons or zippers.  It works great with wovens of any kind and would be a great beginner pattern for someone that wants just a little more detail to follow.
I would give this pattern 5 bolts if it were larger sizes.
 As for the changes I made, I added a little to the side seams as well as to the lengths of the bodice and skirt. And to make it a little less "little girl" like I did pleats where it said gathers. 
To get the detailing on the top, I first drew out my design with water soluble pen. Then I put a little glue (simple Elmer's) on the line and laid the embroidery thread down. Once it was dried, I just did a small zigzag in a lighter shade of green.
 A close up look of the embroidery thread detailing.
 I really like it with this vintage orange trim, tied at the waist. She didn't like it so much.
 What's your opinion?


  1. I love that embroidery thread technique and will have to try it! The dress is lovely and I'm partial to green so even though I like the ribbon I'll have to agree with Sophia on this one :)

  2. I really like the trim but think it looks more grown up without. If you have a piping foot you can do that technique without having to glue it down first :)

  3. That is very fun. I love your blog. I have a tween, too, but she won't really wear dresses. LOL But you give me ideas for her.

  4. What a cool technique!! Love this dress too:)

  5. She's beautiful! I like the embroidery on the bodice.

  6. Love that technique. Love that you changed the gathers to pleats to make it tween appropriate.

  7. Sally, she looks so pretty in that dress! I think it is more dressy without the trim, so depends on the look you are going for :)

  8. Love that technique, Sally! Great job on the dress and I do like it with the trim to give it an extra pop of color. Kids have their own opinions, though, so just go with it. Otherwise she likely won't wear it, and I totally have been there!

  9. What a neat idea....using embroidery thread!! I never would have thought of that, and it gives it such a neat texture. I agree with the above.....without the ribbon probably makes it dressier BUT, I really like it with the vintage trim personally :).

  10. Sewing for tweens is hard! You did great! We'll have to try that method with the embroidery thread soon!


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