Monday, April 13, 2015

Pattern Review: Gloria Dress and Top

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Recently I (Major Moma), had a chance to test the add on to the Gloria Dress by Peek-a-Boo Patterns. (affiliate link)  I love sewing PAB patterns, so I felt quite lucky to test this one. It was a wonderful sew and I am happy to review it.

sewing pattern review

Name of the pattern:

The Gloria Dress pattern is a lovely dress that is designed for a lace overlay.  After several requests, Amy designed an add on that gives directions for a circle skirt and a peplum option.

Gloria Party Dress
The dress can be purchased alone HERE.  Additionally, you can purchase an add-on (affiliate links) to the pattern that gives a pattern and instructions for a circle skirt; both at a dress length and a peplum length.  The add-on costs an additional $3.50.

sewing pattern review

Sizes available:  It comes in sizes 3 months to 12.  Picking the size for your child based on their measurements is essential.  My first one I made a straight 12 because I just wanted to get the construction down when testing.  Then, I adjusted the width according to Abi's size.  She runs a couple sizes smaller on the width than the length and that made an amazing difference.  The second run fit her beautifully so that adjustment made a big difference.

sewing pattern review

Special materials required:  The shirt can be made with just knit and be a casual top with a fun peplum.  Of course what is special about this pattern is the lace overlay option.  It has an option for the under layer to cut straight across the the chest or as a tank.  I chose a tank in order to give her more modesty as we are at that space in time when such things are growing more important to her.

sewing pattern review

Skill level required:  The lace overlay may look tricky, but it is not at all.  The pattern is great for beginners as it has no closures and is very simple.

Good:  Simple and beautiful.

Bad:  Here are the shots of my first shirt.  As you can see, the pattern is nice but it looks a bit odd if the width is not right.  But, isn't that the beauty of sewing for our children?  We get to make things custom for them!

Where as in the black lace versions, the cut is elegant, here it looks rather frumpy.  But, she still wears this practice version so it is not a complete loss.

Overall pattern rating:  I love this pattern.  Frankly, it is one of my favorites and I will definitely sew it again.  I give it 5 bolts!


  1. Just wondering if it was sewn in knit (you might have said and I missed it)? If so were did you get your stretch lace? I have bought it at Girl Charlee and when I washed it (perhaps I shouldn't have done that). It really falls apart and balls up and looks horrible.

  2. The lace is stretch lace that I bought at JoAnns Fabric and Craft. Their selection was quite limited and that is why I opted for black for a little girl but I was there this weekend and saw some other more fun stretch laces ... though still a limited selection. The under layer is a tissue knit from; it is very lightweight and I liked it with the more stiff lace as it kept the top from being too heavy. has lots of stretch lace and if you are willing to wait for shipping, it could be a good option. And I am a firm believer if I am sewing for children, it has to be washable! I wash this top with everything and it was worn nicely. She had worn it at least 5 times when these pictures were taken.

    1. Thank You! I felt so bad because the shirt was a Christmas present and she really liked it but it just became unwearable it looked so bad!


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