Friday, April 17, 2015

Would They Wear That...Boys in Capris?

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So this time around, we have a male/boy fashion trend version of "Would they wear THAT?"

Capris....what do you think? Will your male tween go for them?
image source
There seem to be a couple different trends within a trend though.  There is the classic twill version, like the ones above. Kind of like a good pair of khaki pants cut off.
Then there is the more fitted 'skinny' look, as seen below.
image source
There is the cargo pants look, which I personally think is the easiest for men/boys to pull off.
image source

And finally, the more harem style look...
image source
So what do you think, will your male tween wear capris...please tell us what you think!

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  1. Well my oldest son and daughter had horrible Ughh sounds coming out of their mouths after the first picture :) But I think longish cargo shorts could be pulled off by my sons. Probably not the others though.


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