Monday, July 20, 2015

Sewing Culottes

Pin It Last week we asked you all if your tween (girl; sorry sewers for boys) would wear cullottes?  Well, I since I was anxious to sew some up, I searched far and wide accross the internet looking for patterns that would be good options.

Guess what?  I could only find one.  Just one.  Surely someone who designs patterns for tweens also loves this trend.  There are actually a few for women.  Burdastyle and the other big pattern makers have various culotte options for the home sewist.  It is when you start looking for tween sizes, it gets more difficult.

What was the one I found?  Well it is the Nina Skirt and Culotte by Compagnie M..  It is actually a Teen and Ladies pattern so it only comes in the upper ranges of tween sizing.

I have this pattern and I hope to sew it up before summer ends.  If I don't get to it, then you may see an Autumn version in corduroy or wool in the future.

Now it was not exactly true that this is the only pattern.  There are a few vintage patterns available out there on Etsy and other sources of various lengths of culottes.


Do you guys know of any culotte patterns that would fit tweens?


  1. I do!
    Oliver + S has a kids' culotte pattern that fits up to size 12 ( ) and a Liesl+ Co woman's 'Girl Friday' version that starts at a size 0 with a 25 in waist ( ).

    I have the O+S pattern but I'm not sure my 9 yr old is interested. I'm thinking I might try it in the fall too with cord or chambray.

    1. OH! Thanks for the tip. And if you do sew them up, please let us know how it went.


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