Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Support for Tween Sewing

Pin It Recently Sally and I were contacted by Stacy of the blog Land of KA.  She has been a guest here on Sew Cool a couple of times (lace overlay tutorial and breeze top) in the past and has sewn many amazing outfits for her boy and girl.  She invited us to be a part of a new FaceBook group that is focused on tween sewing.  Hmmm, tween sewing, do we like to do that?  Yes!
The group is simply a place to share about the ups and downs of sewing for tweens and give feedback on patterns.  It is a closed group, so you simply need to ask to join and we will let you in.  The only reason we are closed is to try to keep spam and off topic posts to a minimum.  There are rules, but most of them revolve around keeping the topics tween sewing related and being respectful.

Are you interested?  Well here is the link:  Sewing for Tweens.

And we have even more news!

We have invited Stacy to join the Sew Cool team and she said yes.  We thought it would be good to have more variety in our reviews and she has a great style that would provide more ideas for our readers.

Did you know that we pay for most of our patterns we review?  Since we pay for them, we usually pick ones that our particular kids will like and we can use multiple times.  But that does limit the range of patterns we can share.  Having another person on the team should help out.  (This is also why we started being an affiliate for Peek-A-Boo patterns and BurdaStyle; and more soon.)

In the last two years we have noticed that the community of people who sew for tweens have been growing and we look forward to Sew Cool growing and adapting to assisting that community.

Major Moma and Sally

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