Monday, July 27, 2015

The Mia Summer Dress and Top

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Hello, this is Stacy here.  I blog at, and have been working on sewing up fun clothes that my tweens will wear!

I will start out with reviewing some patterns from the new Simple Life Pattern Company.  It started this winter, as one of the designers left CKC.  They have had some cute clothes that work for both tweens and little ones.  Some of them really don't hit the majority of tween demographic, but I have been pretty happy with the ones I have tested and made.

Name of the pattern: Mia Summer Top and Dress

Sizes available: 2T - 12

Special materials required: Woven cotton (about 1 yard for the top, and 2.5 – 3 yds for the tiered maxi dress), elastic and bias tape (or you can make your own!)

Skill level required: Experienced beginner

How you came to choose the pattern: I am a pattern tester for this company, and I asked my tween if she would wear this particular top/dress.  She said YES!  First I made the top out of a ombre dot by Michael Miller.  The binding on the back is purchased bias tape, and I added a ribbon to the waist band. 

For the maxi dress, I used another MM ombre dot, only this was a glitter dot one.  I didn't have quite enough, but I made it work.  The bands in between the tiers I added a gold ribbon to give it some extra bling.

Did you deviate from the pattern?  Yes
If yes, how?  The pattern does not enclose the waist seam on the inside.  I did a fully enclosed bodice.

This top and dress basically fit her right off the bat.  I went with her measurements and graded between sizes (in this case I did 8W, 10L).  The pattern instructions were fairly straight forward, and this is a pretty easy pattern to make.

The non-enclosed waist seam bugs me.  It just seems like it would be scratchy for them, especially with all the gathering.  When I enclose a waist seam, I usually sew the wrong side of the skirt to the right side of the inside lining.  Iron the seam upwards.  Then, I iron a seam allowance on the outside bodice and pin it over the seam.  Topstitch.

Nothing really ugly, but a caveat.  If your tween is wearing a bra, then this might show it a little bit.  I would say to wear one with a thin back, and it should work.  This was a cute pattern as both the maxi dress and top. 

Overall pattern rating:

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