Thursday, September 11, 2014

Making Moto

Pin It We asked if your tween would wear the fashion trend moto.  So now that your tween said "YES, I would wear moto," you need to go find a pattern.

On 8 September we showed you that motorcycle inspired jackets were hitting the runway for Fall 2014 and the children designer stores.  But how to make one?  That is just a little bit harder.  There are some great zip up jackets out there, but not a lot with the signature asymmetrical zip that a moto jacket is famous for.

So I have gathered some pattern options and a tutorial that should help you in creating your own moto jacket.

This first pattern is a hoodie, but it has a great asymmetrical zipper.
And I think this jacket is just about perfect!  And it goes up to size 16.  WHAT?
Terra's Treasures
Over at Burda Style they have a how-to video for this look
The following patterns do not have the asymmetrical zipper but are a more traditional jacket pattern.  If they suit your child more, they could be modified to creat a moto look.
burdastyle blouson jacket
burdastyle zippered blouson jacket
Burda Kids 9484

I think all of these jackets have a nice shape.  They may be a bit boxy for a true moto look, but I think with some adjustments to the side seams you could manage to tailor them down.  The next step would be to modify the front opening.  Here are tutorials that look like they would get the job done using these, or similar patterns.
ana evers tutorial
Sew What tutorial
After modifying the opening, then you just need to add all the cool hardware.  I think zipper welt pockets and a few rivets and buckles should do the trick.

If you give this pattern alteration a shot, please share it with us.  And if you know of a better tutorial, or you make one, let us know!

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