Monday, February 16, 2015

A Skirt fit for a Tween: Review of Simplicity 1548

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 As promised, here is a review of the Simplicity 1548 Skirt (the shirt is of my own making...more on that at the end).  It's one of their Project Runway patterns, which means it has a bunch of options...they were kind of like the precursor to pdf patterns, where you could pick and chose different options all from one pattern.  I picked up mine on a .99 cent sale at JoAnn's a few years can't beat a pattern for a dollar.
Size: The pattern comes in sizes 8-16...just perfect for tweens.
Materials: All that is required is the fabric and elastic for the waist.  I used some stretch pleather type fabric that my sister had given me.
Skill Level: This would be a good pattern for a beginner.
 I followed the pattern as is and like the trendy look that is perfect for tweens wanting to express themselves.
The Good: I like how the skirt looks feminine without looking girly (so does my daughter).  I like the price and that you can get it for $1. It's also an easy pattern to follow and assemble.
The Bad: It runs a lot short...I think it needs another ruffle or at least to make the bottom one a little longer. That being said, I'm okay with her wearing it with leggings. If I make another I would make it longer though. 
All in all, I give this one 4 bolts!

 As for the shirt, this is my own creation. I took a shirt that she loves and used it as a template. The actual shirt is just 2 pieces, with the seams running on top of the shoulders and arms and then the side seams. Then I just added the cuffs and hem band, which are doubled over rectangles really.  Super easy and she loves, win!
And a gratuitous dog picture to show you why I'm not getting as much done these days. This is Max and he's keeping me busy these days. They aren't kidding when they say having a puppy is like having another kid in the house, but he's cute so I think we'll keep him.

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