Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bluezette Dress by Love Notions

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I was lucky to be chosen to test this new dress:
It is a dress that is perfect for a tween...trendy looking and can be dressed up or down and can be made with a mixture of fabrics. It also has 3 sleeve options and 3 skirt options...that makes quite a lot of options to mix and match. I did the elbow sleeves with the high/low skirt.
The size range is great too...from 2T-16, so one that will definitely grow with them.
Materials Required: The only thing needed is the fabric. The top needs to be knit/stretch, but the bottom can be anything light weight. I used some of the nice knit I got as part of my winnings. It came from Nosh fabrics and was divine to work with. The bottom was some kind of crepe like fabric that I had laying around. The bodice is lined and there is an underskirt as well, which I just used plain white jersey for both.
I would say that it is for an advanced beginner...the bodice assembly is a little different, but the instructions are great.
Good: Easy sew that is costumizable . The fact that the top is knit is perfect for a tween's changing body. And it's a pattern that would really let their personality show through, depending on which fabric they chose.
Bad: I think the 'look' needs a belt or something at the waist because the line looks visually off some how...maybe the whole design 3/5ths rule???  Not really that big of a deal and is probably just me...
Ugly: Nothing.
I give this one a 4 bolt rating!
And right now you can get a 20% off discount by using code word 'bluezette' at checkout over at Love Notions. You should go check out the site if you wondering about how this dress works for tweens...she's got some great pictures up, including the cover one.

Disclaimer: The opinions given are my own and I did not receive any compensation for this review.

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