Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Would they Wear It: Denim Overalls???

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Denim Overalls...oh do they bring back memories. I had a pair in junior high, I'll confess to that and to wearing them with my Converse high tops, with maybe a rugby shirt underneath...high fashion, I'm telling you.
But apparently, they are back and high fashion at that.

Here are a few designer takes on overalls or dungarees for adults.
Calvin Klein

 These 3 looks are all from the high end French line BonPoint (pictures are the links), the first two are from the children's line that goes up to tween sizes and the last one is from the young misses line.  I've also seen overalls at Target and other big box the question is:
Would Your Tween Wear Overalls?
Look 44
Look 15
Look 55
And the other question is, do you think it would make a difference if it was shorts or pants?


  1. I'm not even kidding, I was wearing overalls in my engagement pictures! I have bought my daughter a pair of overalls since they have come back, and she has only worn them a couple of times, I think it's the weather though, we are still really cold, so she is wearing a lot of sweaters, as soon as she can swap to spring tops, I suspect the overalls will come out more!

  2. I thought I commented yesterday, but my computer must not have registered it. My tween said "no way" to the overalls, but my younger daughter (almost 7) would wear them. In fact she had a purple velvet pair she wore until she outgrew them.

    1. My daughter has never liked overalls and I don't think she would wear them either. It would take some serious peer pressure or all of her friends wearing them for her to show interest.


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