Monday, February 23, 2015

Lumber jack shirt review

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Today we have a great review for you that would work for a boy or girl, summer or winter, dressy or casual...really a great pattern all around.
It's the Lumberjack Shirt by Patterns for Pirates for which I sewed up the lined, hooded option. Major Mama sewed up the collared version and shared it with us for the Valentine's Day post (some pictures included here too)
We got the pattern as part of the Boys Bundle Up Sale a while back and I put it on my to-sew pile for a nice lined winter shirt for my girl's. You can now purchase it separately over at Patterns for Pirates.
It comes 3 months to it's got a wide range.
You'll need buttons and interfacing in addition to the yardage required
I would say that this pattern would be a little bit of a challenge for the advanced beginner seamstress that wants to push herself to the next level...especially the lined option.  The instructions are great and easy to follow though.

The only part of the pattern I deviated from is to not use interfacing...which worked fine with the lined version because there was enough layers of fabric to give it stability.

 I also changed how I finished the hood biased tape.  I sewed it down flat onto the shirt instead of the called for just enclosing the raw seam.
Good: Great versatile pattern that works great for boys and girls, easy to follow instructions that result in a nice looking button up shirt.
Bad: I feel like it ran a little small in the shoulders and arm length, but maybe it was just the bulk of a lined shirt. The hood however, was very small.
Ugly: Not really anything ugly.
Overall rating: 4 Bolts!

Just a couple more photos of the finished details:

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