Monday, March 9, 2015

Pattern Review: Field Research Pants

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Scientific Seamstress
If finding a tween pattern is hard, finding a great tween boy pattern is very hard.  But here is a great one.  It is for a hiking pant that converts from pants to shorts

Name of the pattern:  Scientific Seamstress' Field Research Cargo Pants.

pattern review

Pattern Source:  You can buy this pattern on the Scientific Seamstress Etsy shop which has a lot of casual wear patterns suitable for boys and girls.

Pattern Review

Sizes available:  The pattern is sized for children from 3 to 14.  It is a relaxed fit and thus would be great for plus sized children.

Special materials required:  You will need elastic for the waist, and separating zippers for the legs.

The separating zippers are the key to what makes this pattern special.  It is with these zippers that you can make the shorts and then a pant extension that comes on and off easily.  The construction of this element requires attention to detail but it is well explained and there are a lot of pictures to guide you.

pattern Review

Skill level required:  This is not a pattern for beginners.  I would say if you have sewn a few pants in your day, then you are ready to tackle this pattern.  The construction of the pants is not hard, but those detachable legs have several steps.

Pattern Review

How you came to choose the pattern:  I bought these as part of the boy bundle on Pattern Revolution's bundle up sale this summer.  If you are looking to try out new designers, you may want to check Pattern Revolution's periodic bundle sales.

Pattern Review

Good:  I really liked this pattern.  There are a lot of pockets with great details like pleats and flaps.  And the unique feature of the detachable legs (have I mentioned these before???)  make it a real winner.  What is so appealing to me is that my son can wear these pants right now in the dead of winter and in the summer when it is hot. 

Pattern Review

Bad:  I was disappointed that it did not come with a true zipper fly option.  The pattern only has a faux fly.  Next time I make them, I will adjust the pattern and put in a zipper.  If I was making these for a toddler, a faux fly is just fine, but a grown kid wants 'real' pants.

Overall pattern rating:  I would give  this versatile pattern 5 bolts.

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  1. I might have to try these for my boys. They would love them!


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