Friday, March 20, 2015

Pattern Review: Aviator Pant

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Are you looking for some casual pants for your son or daughter?  Here is the pattern for you.  One does not get much more casual than a pair of sweatpants.  But this is not just a pair of sweatpants for lounging around the house.  There are several details that can make these pants fit for roaming around town.

Name of the pattern:  This is the Aviator Pant.  It is a knit cargo pant or short with triangle details and optional cuff and welt pockets.

Pattern Source: This pattern is by Winter Wear Designs.

Pattern Review

Sizes available:  There is a wide range of sizes for this pattern.  It runs from 18 months to 14 years.  Yep, 14 years, so this is a pattern for tweens until they are ready for adult patterns.

Special materials required:  These pants are made of sweat shirt material and rib knit is used for the waistband.  I added a 1/4 inch elastic to the waist band just to reinforce the rib knit.  I also used rib knit for the optional ankle cuffs.  I used light weight fleece for the pockets pockets and omitted the contrasting triangles.  If you choose the contrasting triangles, ensure the fabric is of the same weight as the main fabric.

These are a pull-on pant, so no zippers or other fasteners are necessary!

Pattern Review

Skill level required:  There are welt pockets for the back and special details throughout the construction.  However, the instructions are clear so I would say a confident beginner can tackle this pattern.  But if this is your first time sewing welt pockets, I would recommend practicing on scrap fabric.

How you came to choose the pattern:  I bought the pattern as part of a pattern bundle at Pattern Revolution.

Did you deviate from the pattern?  Yes, I skipped the welt pockets as I thought they were overkill and too fancy for a pair of camo pants.

Good:  These pants are so easy.  And they must be comfortable because I had to demand my son place them in the laundry after wearing them three days straight.

Pattern Review

Bad:  Well, I am not a fan of sweatpants, so I am not sure if that qualifies as a bad.  But the kids love them so I guess not.

Overall pattern rating:  Thus, I give this pattern 4 bolts.

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