Saturday, March 7, 2015

Having fun with accessories

Pin It When your kids are little, they love to have holiday outfits.  At least you may love to make them and they are happy to accommodate.  However, sometimes tweens get a little less enthusiastic.  But, they still are kids and like to have fun.

We did a post with ideas for Valentine's Day that a tween may not just let you make them, but enjoy wearing.  And those ideas could be modified for just about any holiday or season.

DIY suspenders, bow tie, and belt

So what if you did not want to actually make a real article of clothing?  What if you have some great theme fabric and want to whip up something super easy and super quick that is not meant to be integrated into an everyday tween wardrobe?

Well I say make an accessory!

I wanted to make a bow tie, because I just think they are so cute.  After wondering around on Pinterest, I settled on a tutorial by One Dog Woof.  There are several bloggers that give patterns for authentic bow ties and several quick versions.  I liked this one because it is all rectangles and suited my need for a quick and not fancy project.

DIY bow tie

Of course, with Easter coming up, you can use this quick tutorial to make a more formal look for your young man or hipster daughter.

During my search, I saw DIY suspenders.  Oh, how fun would that be?  And when my daughter saw them, she flipped!  I was actually surprised how much she liked them and she is excited to wear them.

DIY suspenders and bow tie

Coconut Love Tutorial

Lastly, I had a belt making kit in my notions drawer that I wanted to use.  This is actually the accessory I thought my daughter would gravitate too but instead my son chose it.  Have you ever made a fabric covered button?  Well this is the same deal but with a belt buckle.  And then you make the belt in the same manner as you would for the suspenders.

I made all of these with fabric I got out of the remnant bin so I paid very little for the fabric.  Now the notions for the suspenders; that is another story.  But as much as Abi liked them, I am sure we will get some use out of them.  And it would be easy to cut the straps of and use the hardware on a new project.  I probably would have done better to cannibalize suspenders at a thrift store ... and might next time.

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