Monday, September 30, 2013

Her Signature Style--Plus a Pattern Review

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I asked Sophia to sketch me out what she would consider her signature style to be and she came back with a tunic that had a wide collar at the neck of some sort and leggings. (She's on a tunic kick lately) Her sketch of the collar wasn't really defined, but I had this pattern sitting around (McCall's 6785) and showed her option C. She said that would do.  She's also been wanting something out of the ruffle fabric so we went with that for her Signature Look.
Here are the different options for McCall's 6785:

Line Art
And here is the finished look:
(She didn't get to try it on until I wanted to take pictures while her little sister had dance, so it is a little longer than she wanted and I have promised to fix that. She also wants a coral colored belt to go with it, but I couldn't find one in the short amount of time I had...I'll be keeping my eye out for one though because I think that would "make" this outfit.)
The Review: 
Pattern: McCall's M6785 which I bought at JoAnn's when they had their patterns for 70 cents. It comes in sizes 7/8/10/12/14. For the tunic and leggings they recommend jersey, knit or fleece. For the leggings you'll need elastic.  That's it!

I sewed it up in size 8 for the width and size 10 for the length, but I would double check measurements before you cut. I also stuck to the pattern except I didn't finish the bottom edges at all...didn't need to with this fabric. That probably has a little to do with it being a little too long.
 Skill Level: I would rate this one as easy, with the disclaimer that you'll be sewing with knits. If knits scare you, this would be a great pattern to do in fleece, especially with the hood and pocket options. 
 This pattern is really only 4 basic pieces for the tunic and then whatever neck finishing option you use. The sleeves are raglan sleeves, which also makes this a great beginner pattern.
The leggings are your very typical and easy 2 piece leggings (one for each leg) and come together super fast!

 The Good: This is a great beginner pattern with very easy to follow directions. It was worth the 70 cents I paid for it. I would highly recommend this to anyone venturing into sewing with knits for the first time. 
It is also great because there are the different options for the tunic, which is great for those picky tweens.  This pattern would also fit a lot of different or changing body types, so that makes it a good buy for these tricky years.
The Bad: It doesn't work well with the ruffle least not with the neck finishing that I used. But that was my own fault and not the patterns. She has asked for one in a more sweatshirt like knit using option B.
The Ugly: There wasn't really anything that bad with this pattern. It was a pretty easy and straight forward pattern, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

The pattern is similar in the other tunic one I reviewed from McCalls and if I had to pick just one, I would pick that one over this one. I think the options (and my daughter agrees) are just more tween friendly.
However, overall I rate this pattern  for it's ease and adaptability.


  1. I am loving cowl necks right now too and am in the middle of trying to figure out how to make one :) Her look is comfy and stylish all rolled into one, score!

    1. The neck was actually easier than I thought it would be. Thanks!

  2. I love the cowl neck tunic! Simple yet sweet with ruffles, and the color is very pretty on her. I do think coral belt would go great with this tunic dress too! ;)

  3. Nice outfit! I like how you had her sketch out what she wanted. I should definitely do that more with my kids!

    1. My daughter loves sketching out fashions and has this fashion creator thing by Klutz...she loves it. It really has helped in the wear ability department if she's had a say in it.

  4. Perfect for the cooler weather & let her know her mother is good, I mean really good at creating outfits for her!

  5. This perfect for a tween (or grown adult for that matter)!!! It looks comfy, yet stylish.....great job on the sketch, and great job on making it happen, Mom!

  6. Great use of the ruffled turned out super cute!

  7. Sally, love the cowl neck. I really want to try one of those--it looks perfect on her. I hope my girls will still wear things I make them when they are tweens (although the thought of having three teenage daughters so close in age scares me a little!)

  8. Love both the outfit and the pattern review!


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