Friday, September 27, 2013

Plus Size Round-up

Pin It During our kick-off event, we heard from a few of you that you are interested in finding some plus size options.  So, I set off to create a special plus size round-up.  Unfortunately, this is a difficult task ... even more difficult than just finding a fun and functional tween pattern.

But I was determined.  I found Simplicity has by far the best variety of plus patterns.  And if you go search on ebay or etsy, you can find some discontinued plus patterns from a variety of brands.  Below are some pretty good contemporary options that are available in stores and on the internet. 

McCalls 6690

McCalls 6693 views B and D

McCalls 6693 view A

 McCalls 6693 has several views to include two tops, the poncho, a skirt, and leggings.

Simplicity 2470
Simplicity 2689
Simplicity 1625

Simplicity 1548

 I also found a site called Pattern Making for Plus Size Children.  It had all sorts of basic patterns in plus sizes that can be modified and embelished. 
One option from Pattern Making for Plus Size Children

 I did not find any boy patterns that are labeled "plus" sized.  However, I know from experience that Ottobre Magazine often has a few patterns in each issue for 'husky' children and they have wonderful patterns for older boys.

Since there are so few plus patterns, it is even more important that you properly measure you intended wearer and get the fit right.  It will not be enough to just sew it as sized.  You will need to make sure the shoulders, waist, chest and length measurements are adjusted to fit the child.  But this is the wonderful thing about sewing for your tween.  With some effort, you can make something that really fits, and make that wearer feel like a million bucks.

As we do reviews, if we think a particular pattern is well suited for a plus size or simply curvy child, we will make sure to let you know.

Do you know of more patterns that are specifically labeled "plus" or "husky" that you can recommend?


  1. This is nice to see but I think we as a society need to work on our wording!!! My daughter happens to be quite sporty and muscular but doesn't fall into the typical twig tween sizes. Calling her plus size really irks me because she is not. She is just a normal growing 10 year old who has her own shape. Thanks for showing us some options.

  2. I usually sew with indie PDF patterns, so I've found multi-sized patterns are good to use for my pretty-plus girl. I can use her measurements to customize fit between shoulders/waist/hip/length based on the pattern's sizing measurements. Thanks for sharing these patterns. 1625 will be a hit with my girls!

  3. If you're looking for vintage patterns, a keyword to try is "chubbies" In the 1950s/60s there were some patterns labeled as that... sounds terrible but it's true. The real point is getting a good fit though and the patterns are styles that are easier to adapt or fit to plus size.

  4. It is not easy to find a word to designate patterns for children that do not fit the standard sizes. But, I think what is more important is that we talk to our kids about being HEALTHY and STRONG, regardless of what size they wear. Also, I think no matter the size of the child, they should have fashionable clothes that fit. We all feel great when our clothes fit our bodies and personalities.


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