Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Linky Party Round Up

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It was so much fun to see what you have been up to when it comes to sewing for tweens! Wow, are you guys the creative, industrious bunch! So many great ideas and so much talent. We here at Sew Cool are each going to chose a girl and boy look...but you guys make it so hard. They were all great looks and each added to my file in my brain of what to or how to sew for my tween.  
So here are my picks...but really I could have picked any of them and because they were all so great.
Stacy from the Land of KA shared her flamingo dress and this one caught my eye because it epitomizes the tween years and the struggle that is sewing for a tween, namely something a little more grown up but still catches that youthful, childlike quality that they aren't quite ready to give up.
And this boy's look from sew a straight line, so stylish and classy makes me kind of sad that my boys are into their teenage years, but put the idea into my mind that maybe I could still sew dress pants for them.

Major Moma here, it is now my turn to pick my favorites and I have to second what Sally has said.  You guys are making some great tween cloths!  I see all these women making cute clothes for their toddlers and I just think, how those skills will lead to some pretty awesome tween clothes in a few years.  And for you ladies ... your time has come.

My girl pick is our only accessory and was made by Gina's Craft Corner.  I just think these cuff bracelets are so fun and could really be made to fit the personality of just about any girl.

And my boy pick was one that kept coming back to my mind made by Rachel of Nest Full of Eggs.  I just love how a simply t-shirt turned rock-n-roll by adding a zipper embelishment.

So we hope you will keep adding links as you keep sewing for your tween!  We'll open a new linky party the first Wednesday of every month, so come and share!


  1. thanks for featuring one of my photos :)

  2. Thanks for featuring that dress for my girl! Can't wait to see what everyone is making each month. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the feature! Yay for older kids! :)


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