Monday, October 28, 2013

Extra Extra Read All About It--Pattern Review of Simplicity 4762: A Vest

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Sophia wanted to be a newsie (go check out the musical by the same name---the movie of it is a lot of fun) for Halloween this year. She's kind of at that age where she wants to dress up without looking too dressed up.  The wool hat is what inspired it all.  To complete the outfit she wanted a vest and knickers of some sort. Here's the almost complete outfit...we're still working on the shoes.
 And now I'll review the vest pattern that I used.
It's Simplicity 4762 and comes in Sizes S-L/S-XL (that's kid/adult), which is awesome that you get so many sizes in one just means there are A LOT of pieces so check and double check that you have the right size before you cut out.
I made the child's large for Sophia and it is just right on her.
As for extra materials, besides the fabric and buttons (which I didn't use) you will need a 1" slide buckle.
For Sophia's vest, I used some wool I had laying around for the front and tabs in the back. The lining and the back are some checkered plaid wovens I had laying around.  The wool was tan and wovens black and tan, so the sepia tone of the pictures really didn't take away from the actual colors of the vest.
 I would say this would be an advanced beginner sewing pattern. There are some interesting things like darts, button holes and interesting seams that require some more advanced skills.
Like I said, I picked this pattern because I already had it in my collection and needed a vest. I've made it once before, which you can check out here. This time around I sewed view C and I changed it up a bit. I didn't do the welts, darts, didn't add buttons and for the life of me, I still couldn't get the flipping of it right, so I ended up leaving the arm holes open and then top stitching them closed once it was all flipped and right side out.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to flip something through the side seam, please let me know. I can not wrap my brain on how I'm supposed to pull it out and have it be right. Because I already top stitched the armholes, I top stitched around the rest as well, just to make it look a little more uniformed...this wasn't a step in the pattern.
 The Good: This pattern is a great basic pattern that can come in handy for both genders and different situations, both formal and casual. And the fact that you get so many sizes with one pattern is a super bonus in my eyes. If you ever have to make multiple vests (like I did if you check the link), you only need to buy one pattern for all those different sizes. Think weddings, Christmas/Easter outfits for all the guys in your's a good thing.  There are also 4 different versions of a vest included and a tie pattern.
 The Bad: I'm not sure if there is really anything bad about the pattern.
The Ugly: Because of my ineptitude when it comes to turning something right side out through a side seam with all of the other seams finished including the arm holes (that's what it showed), I had to unpick the armhole seams and then top stitch them after I turned everything out. Really, if anyone knows a trick or can guess from my ramblings what I do wrong...please let me know. It would make my life easier:)
Other than that, there were no problems. It's a great staple of a pattern.
I give it .

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