Friday, October 4, 2013

Modest does NOT = Ugly

Pin It Have you ever walked into a store to buy clothes for your little girl and thought "Huh?  am I in the Junior's department?"

I am not ultra conservative but I think that my young pre and early-pubescent girls should not dress in a manner that would be "sexy" if they were older.  And yet, all over stores are shorts that barely cover their bum, off the shoulder shirts, and belly shirts.

And I don't get the argument that the girls are little, so it is OK, or cute.  If our girls get used to showing this much skin now, then they will continue to wear clothes so small.

Remember the controversy over the bikini top that was padded sold by Abercrombie & Fitch?  The only reason that such horrible outfits exist is that people buy it.  The only explanation I can think of why some mom would think 'enhancing' her little girl was appropriate is that she has been convinced that modest equals ugly.

I beg to differ.  When making clothes or buying for my girls (or boy for that matter), I do have rules about modesty.  The shorts have to be a few inches below their bum.  And skirts should be within two inches of the knee.  And absolutely no bellies showing.  But beyond that, I encourage creativity and self expression.  I try to follow current fashion trends and incorporate them in my children's wardrobes.  Clothes do not have to be miniscule to be cute.  In fact, with more fabric, you have more room for creative embellishments.

One of the things Sally and I want to do is highlight different ways you can embellish basic pieces in order to make an outfit fashionable.

If you have been taught that modesty means ugly, I hope we are able to change your mind and that you can also jump on the bandwagon of providing cute, and age appropriate clothing for your kids.

~ Major Moma

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