Friday, October 11, 2013

Simplicity 3813 view A

Pin It Today I will be reviewing a pattern I have sewn a few times in the past.  The pictures I have included are from my most recent version, but I have sewn this a couple times before I started blogging for both my daughter and her cousin.

Simplicity 3813 view A

The Review:

The pattern: Simplicity 3813; view A

Pattern source: You may purchase this pattern at nearly every major sewing store or buy it online.

Sizes available:  This is truly a tween pattern; it is sized from 8-16.  It also comes in plus sizes!  In addition, I have found that the pants work well on a girl with rounder hips.  Here I am reviewing only the jacket, but I have sewn the pants (view F) twice.  Once for my niece, years ago, and once for my daughter.  Abi, my daughter, does not really have hips, but her cousin does and the pants fit her much better than Abi.

Simplicity 3813 view A

Special materials requiredYou will need a separating zipper for this jacket and it is recommended only for knits.

Skill level requiredThe jacket is very easy.  The instructions are clear and the pieces are simple.  The pants are a bit more difficult but still doable for an advanced beginner.

Simplicity 3813 view A

How I came to choose the pattern: I bought the pattern years ago from Joann during a sale.  I have used it about 4 times, so that shows that it can be modified for current trends and is worth sewing over and over.

Did you deviate from the pattern?  If yes, how?  I did deviate from the pattern.  Because I was using such a light weight knit fabric, I added ribbed cuffs and a ribbed band at the hem.  If you used a heavier weight fabric, this would be entirely unnecessary.

Simplicity 3813 view A

Overall pattern rating:  This is a bolt pattern.  It is a multifaceted pattern with both a hoodie and different variations on a cargo pant.  Its wide range in sizes makes it good for many tweens.  Plus, it is not hard and a whole coordinating outfit is really doable in a weekend.

Simplicity 3813 view A

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