Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Linky Party Wrap

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We're not sure what happened this month. You are either A) All very busy, B) Not sewing for your tween or C) We just got lost in the shuffle. Whatever it is, we hope you'll stop by next month (We are always going to do the first Wednesday of the month and go for 2 weeks) and share what you have been making for you tween. Also, it would be great to pass on the word, because we all get so much more when we share, right? I certainly am more inspired by what I see others sewing.

With that being said, we had a few great outfits linked so make sure you check them out!
Amy's daughter from over at Sews n Bows is totally rocking this maxi skirt. I just love her styling flare!
Joscelyn skirt by SewsNBows

And Kristi shared a great outfit,(sorry, I couldn't get the picture posted), but also mentioned a book that is now on my "To Buy" list. Has anyone else heard of 'Sewing Clothes Kids Love'? Sounds like it might be just the thing for sewing with tweens!

And that is a wrap! Make sure you stop by next month and share what you have been making!


  1. Featured by default?! I'll take it!! I have a suggestion for your party. Pam from Threading My Way has a linky that's open all the time. Sewing is a niche, sewing for tweens is even smaller. If you had an open link people could just add projects as they go, and you could feature whenever you want. No more scheduling link party posts; lol!

    Thanks for the feature:) my daughter will be excited!

  2. Hardly by default! I loved this look. I'll have to check out how she does it over at Threading My Way. Thanks for the tip!


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