Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Look at Fall Fashion Trends and the Patterns to Make Them

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This Fall it looks like colors and mixing patterns is on trend...which is always kind of fun for tweens. What better way to express one's self than going for a statement, whether it be bold or subtle with colors and patterns?
Here are just a few that caught my eyes for some great girl's looks.
All sources are linked in the caption of the pictures...all patterns are suggestions. We haven't sewn most of them...they are just thoughts on how to achieve the look.
First up a great simple look that could go casual or a little more formal...just throw on a colorful scarf and you are set for Fall!
Autumn Skirt
Olive Juice
Want to try for this are some suggestions for patterns:
Boardwalk Skirt Pattern
Tinley Tee
And here are some tutorials:
A great skirt tutorial for this look
A t-Shirt tutorial
I love how this look just SAYS Fall.  And again it would be simple to achieve.
Liberty Print Bailey Top
Olive Juice
Josephine Blouse and Dress Pattern
Top Pattern
V-Neck Cardigan
Cardigan Sweater Pattern
This look is another great one that mixes casual and fancy, as well as adding texture with different types of fabrics.
Easy to wear with strong graphic details, girlswear from Angel and Rocket fall/winter 14
Great Mix of Fabrics and Prints by Angel and Rocket
Easy to follow Tulle skirt tutorial
Leggings Pattern by Go To Patterns
Love Notions Leggin's 2T - 14yrs
Free Leggings Pattern by Love Notions
This is probably my favorite Fall look that I came across.  Simple lines, pops of color and understated beauty of the tunic it. And I kind of love the boots too...
Fall/winter 2014 kids fashion collections at
Colorful Look from Ladida
Here are 2 tunic patterns that you could lengthen for the longer tunic look:
PDF Pattern - Fay Top for 4 - 10 years old and tutorial.
Esme Top Sewing Pattern by Sew Liberated
Esme Top...goes down to a women's size 2
Another colorful Fall outfit
Fall/winter 2014 kids fashion collections at
Great Fall Look with lots of Color from Ladida
An Easy Vest Pattern
Anywhere Dress
The Anywhere Dress by Go To Patterns
The mixing of patterns just says tween to me for some reason and this outfit is just adorable!
What are some great Fall looks/trends you've seen around?


  1. Very cute! Unfortunately, my girl is not into skirts or dresses. I have been working on her fall wardrobe, too. It is casual sweatpants pattern in knits with raglan top, a denim shirt with bling and some other comfy casual clothes. I wish she would dress up more, but that isn't happening!

  2. I didn't realize that I had only included skirts and thanks for pointing that out. Does your daughter do tunics...seems like you could not only modify shirt patterns but dress patterns as well to get a tunic look. As to the outfits that I chose, there wasn't a lot of focus on the casual wear. I guess when the companies put out a new line they focus on the fancy rather than the every day looks. We'll have to do a post on casual wear and find out what the trends are out there for that as well.


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