Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Celebratory Post by Elizabeth of Simple Simon and Company

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The ladies over at Simple Simon don't need an introduction...but we are excited that they agreed to help us celebrate!
Happy Wednesday everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sister-in-laws who blog at Simple Simon and Company. I am excited today to talk about sewing a Fall Tween Wardrobe....which is what I am working on behind the scenes in my own sewing room. And today I am giving a sneak peek at what I will be sewing for my nine year old.
vintage patterns for tweens
I know that the series is all about a favorite Tween Sewing Pattern---but I just can't pick one--so I am going to talk about how I approach sewing for my tween ;) One of the first things you need to know about me is my love for vintage patterns. I love them dearly. They are how I first learned to sew and some of the most favorite things I have sewn come from vintage patterns. Now I know what you are thinking....VINTAGE PATTERNS for TWEENS? And today I am here to tell you YES! Vintage patterns can be FANTASTIC for tweens! Here are some that I have pulled out to sew for this coming fall for Hannie and some of the reasons why.
vintage pattern1
I know this pattern wouldn't be the first choice on anyone's list of "what to sew for a tween" but I do love the classic shirt dress shape. My plan is to sew the whole thing up in a modern floral fabric and not do the collar a separate fabric. I think it will be darling with some striped leggings and perfect for the cooler fall weather.
vintage pattern3
Are you cringing? Too 70's pioneer dress for you? Well, take a look at the short version on the left. LOVE! That is the one I am planning on making. And I love the little darts in the bodice to pull it in and together perfectly for a tween.
vintage pattern2
I LOVE the shape of this darted shift dress. Again, I am thinking a bright modern fabric and wearing it with a cardigan and leggings...or even a denim buttondown under it with tights. I am really excited to make this one ;) And one last one....
vintage pattern 5
I actually have made this one before---love the shape of that top, but I am wanting to make the pants for this fall. I love the fitted shape of them and will extend the legs to make them more of a "cigarette pant" style. Can't wait for these! I have a CRAYYYZZEEE black and white print that I think will be really fun and modern for these. So, take a second look at vintage patterns for tweens, a lot of their classic shapes and fitted styles are fantastic for growing girls who don't want to look like kiddos but aren't quite ready for junior sizes. Thanks so much for having me here today! LOVE this series and can't wait to bookmark all of the patterns that everyone is suggesting.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished versions. Another advantage of vintage patterns is they seem to be sized for teens. (Or maybe that's just me....)


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