Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Great Skirt Pattern--Magnolia Skirt by Elegance and Elephants

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 Wow...another great knit, quick to sew pattern....I can get used to these.  I love being able to whip something out quickly. This pattern that is being released as we speak,by Heidi over Elegance and Elephants, is another great pattern.
Presenting the Magnolia Skirt
 The Good--This is a fast and easy skirt with 6 panels...oh the possibilities. The only thing you need is the knit fabric and some elastic.  We are already thinking of what you could do with the 6 different panels...there are some great customization possibilities there.
 The Bad--Technically this really isn't a tween pattern...it only goes up to size 9. But I have put the bug in Heidi's ear that she really needs to size this skirt up. It is easy, trendy and would go great in a tween's wardrobe. Crossing my fingers she goes ahead with the sizing up!
Another great thing is the spin factor...even tweens like to let loose some.

Disclaimer--I was given this pattern for testing purposes, but the opinions are my own.

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