Monday, September 8, 2014

Would they wear that? Moto

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First off, we here at Sew Cool for the Tween Scene want to say THANK YOU to all of our guest posts and to all of the blogaversary wishes! We so much appreciative the support from all of you!  Thank you also for the congratulations on the making the Top 50 blogs for Sewing Enthusiasts List and for voting for us (which if you haven't yet but still want to vote, you can here)  It's been a fun week for us here.
Now on to our next installment of:
series for tween fashion

A big trend for Fall 2014 is supposed to be the "moto" look.  For all of us non-slang users, that is the motorcycle/biker look.  I did not know this was a trend because to me the moto jacket is pretty much a tough girl classic.  But, since they are showing up on the runways in various forms, I guess it is more trendy this year.
Tween Moto by Pale Cloud
Especially for our kids that don't want to look like little anymore, this is a fun way to make an outfit more grown up but not inappropriate.
Some designers of children's wear are also getting in on this trend.
Pale Cloud, Autumn Winter 2014, Delany Coat
Pale Cloud
Super Trash
Pepe Jeans

Pale Cloud, Autumn Winter 2014, Jaya Skirt
How about Moto in Leather Skirt form--Pale Cloud
I think this is a great look for boys or girls.  And how cool would you be if you sewed moto jackets???

But the big question is, would your tween wear it?


  1. I was just considering doing one for my nephew's 10th birthday!

  2. My tween, probably not. But my teen was eyeing moto jackets last year. I have a pattern and a fake leather ready to go if she's still interested. However, her style has been more bohemian lately so I don't know.

  3. absolutely! Aevarie is only 7 but in size 10 already and she would totally wear it and my son is 11 and would love a motorcycle jacket.


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